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Payen, C., Hérisson de Beauvoir, T., Deniard, P., Jobic, S., Chung, U.-C., Michau, D. & Josse, M. (2024) Wolframite-type MnMoO4: Magnetization, sintering by Cool-SPS, and magnetodielectric effect. Ceramics International, 50 8718–8724. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2023.12.188
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 0272-8842
Clé BibTeX: Payen2024
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Catégories: MIOPS
Mots-clés: Cool-SPS, Dielectric properties, Low temperature sintering, Magnetic properties, MnMoO
Créateurs: Chung, Deniard, Hérisson de Beauvoir, Jobic, Josse, Michau, Payen
Collection: Ceramics International
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Dense ceramic samples of wolframite-type MnMoO4 (w-MnMoO4) have been prepared by Cool-SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) for the first time with the goal of investigating the magnetic, dielectric, and magneto-electric properties of this thermally fragile polymorph of MnMoO4. Earlier studies found that w-MnMoO4 converts to the structurally different α-MnMoO4 phase if heated in air at 873 K, thus hindering fabrication of w-MnMoO4 ceramics by conventional high-temperature sintering. Unsintered powder samples, which were prepared via a hydrothermal method, and dense ceramics elaborated by Cool-SPS have the same magnetic properties. Magnetic susceptibilities display Curie-Weiss behaviour, χ = C/(T-θ), with effective moments for Mn2+ ion μeff ≈ 5.9 μB/Mn-atom and negative Weiss temperatures θ ≈ - 96 to - 98 K. Unlike the isostructural multiferroic compounds MnW1-xMoxO4 (0 ≤ x {<} 0.3) which exhibits at least two successive magnetic transitions below 15 K, w-MnMoO4 undergoes only one paramagnetic-to-antiferromagnetic transition at TN ≈ 32 K. The field-dependent magnetization at 2 K shows a spin-flop transition at μ0HSF ≈ 2 T. Capacitance and dielectric losses obtained for a ceramic between 2 and 300 K in zero field and in a field of 9 T reveal several weak anomalies. Dielectric anomalies are observed at the magnetic phase transition, suggesting a magnetoelectric coupling. Qualitatively different dielectric and magnetodielectric behaviours occur in α-MnMoO4 ceramics at low temperature.
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