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Privault, G., Huitric, G., Hervé, M., Trzop, E., Tranchant, J., Corraze, B., Khaldi, Z., Cario, L., Janod, E., Ameline, J.-C., Godin, N. & Bertoni, R. (2023) Ultrafast photo-induced dynamics of V2O3 thin films under hydrostatic pressure. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL-SPECIAL TOPICS, 232 2195–2203. 
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Fernandez, V., Fairley, N. & Baltrusaitis, J. (2023) Surface analysis insight note: Synthetic line shapes, integration regions and relative sensitivity factors. Surface and Interface Analysis, 55 3–9. 
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Al Bacha, S., Saitzek, S., Roussel, P., Huve, M., McCabe, E. E. & Kabbour, H. (2023) Low Carrier Effective Masses in Photoactive Sr2Sb2O2Q3 (Q = S, Se): The Role of the Lone Pair. Chem. Mater. 
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Fateeva, A., Guillou, N. & Devic, T. (2023) Insightful contribution of Fe-57 Mossbauer spectrometry (and of Jean-Marc Greneche) to the field of iron metal organic frameworks. Journal of Materials Research, 38 1007–1018. 
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Gedikoglu, N., Salcedo-Abraira, P., Nguyen, L. H. B., Guillou, N., Dupre, N., Payen, C., Louvain, N., Stievano, L., Poizot, P. & Devic, T. (2023) Fe(III)-carboxythiolate layered metal–organic frameworks with interest as active materials for rechargeable alkali-ion batteries. J. Mater. Chem. A, 11 23909–23921. 
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Gillon, A., Koumeir, C., Meziani, C. .-P., Haddad, F., Louarn, G., Metivier, V., Mouchard, Q., Salaün, G. & Servagent, N. (2023) Elemental analysis by XRF and HE-PIXE on silver coins from the 16th-17th centuries and on a gilded crucifix from the 12th century. Eur. Phys. J. Plus, 138 945. 
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Ameur, I., Khantoul, A. R., Boudine, B., Brien, V., Horwat, D., Sebais, M. & Halimi, O. (2023) Effects of Erbium Incorporation on Structural, Surface Morphology, and Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles. JOURNAL OF INORGANIC AND ORGANOMETALLIC POLYMERS AND MATERIALS, 33 30–46. 
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Pele-Meziani, C., Macchioni, N., Sozzi, L., Guilminot, E., Lemoine, G., Pizzo, B., Mevellec, J. Y., Pecoraro, E. & Monachon, M. (2023) Assessment of Various Iron Extraction Treatments on Waterlogged Archaeological Oak. Forests, 14 1834. 
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Wands, J., Bothwell, A., Tsoulka, P., Lepetit, T., Barreau, N. & Rockett, A. (2023) Stability of Cu(InxGa1-x)Se-2 Solar Cells Utilizing RbF Postdeposition Treatment under a Sulfur Atmosphere. ADVANCED ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH, 4 2300052. 
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Kana, N., Touidjine, K., Olivier-Archambaud, S., Gkaniatsou, E., Paris, M., Dupre, N., Gautier, N., Moreau, P., Sicard, C., Lestriez, B. & Devic, T. (2023) Is There Any Benefit of Coating Si Particles for a Negative Electrode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries with Metal-Organic Frameworks? The Case of Aluminum Fumarate. Acs Applied Energy Materials, 6 9218–9230. 
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Karampelas, S., Hennebois, U., Bersani, D., Delaunay, A. & Fritsch, E. (2023) Disambiguation of pyrope-rich garnet inclusions in coloured sapphires from Tanzania and identification of other inclusions by Raman spectroscopy. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 54 1213–1219. 
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Luo, Y., Le Calvez, E., Zhou, Y., Gautron, E., Quarez, E., Preefer, M., Crosnier, O., Weker, J. N., Pilon, L., Brousse, T. & Dunn, B. (2023) Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Bronze Phase Materials Containing Two Transition Metals. Chem. Mater. 35 8675–8685. 
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Guillemin, T., Douard, C., Impellizzeri, A., Ewels, C. P., Humbert, B., Lethien, C., Donne, S. W., Bideau, J. L. & Brousse, T. (2023) In-Depth Investigation of Manganese Dioxide as Pseudocapacitive Electrode in Lithium- and Sodium-Doped Ionic Liquids. J. Electrochem. Soc. 170 100531. 
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Bouteiller, H., Fontaine, B., Mori, T., Gascoin, F., Halet, J.-F. & Berthebaud, D. (2023) Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structure, and Thermal Conductivity Investigation of the Hollandite-like CsxCr5Te8 Phases (0.73 < x < 1). Inorg. Chem. 62 16905–16912. 
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Lejman, M., Weis, M., Nilforoushan, N., Faure, J., Ta Phuoc, V., Cario, L. & Boschetto, D. (2023) Ultrafast photoinduced conductivity reduction by bonding orbital control in an incommensurate crystal. Phys. Rev. B, 108 134306. 
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