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Volte, A., Mariette, C., Bertoni, R., Cammarata, M., Dong, X., Trzop, E., Cailleau, H., Collet, E., Levantino, M., Wulff, M., Kubicki, J., Yang, F.-L., Boillot, M.-L., Corraze, B., Stoleriu, L., Enachescu, C. & Lorenc, M. (2022) Dynamical limits for the molecular switching in a photoexcited material revealed by X-ray diffraction. Commun Phys, 5 1–9. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1038/s42005-022-00940-0
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 2399-3650
Clé BibTeX: Volte2022
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Mots-clés: Magnetic properties and materials, Nonlinear phenomena, Phase transitions and critical phenomena
Créateurs: Bertoni, Boillot, Cailleau, Cammarata, Collet, Corraze, Dong, Enachescu, Kubicki, Levantino, Lorenc, Mariette, Stoleriu, Trzop, Volte, Wulff, Yang
Collection: Commun Phys
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Liens URLs     https://www.nature ... s42005-022-00940-0
Time-resolved studies with temporal resolution that separate molecular level dynamics from macroscopic changes, allow clear distinction between the time scales of the different degrees of freedom involved. Cooperative molecular switching in the solid state is exemplified by spin crossover phenomenon in crystals of transition metal complexes. Here we show the existence of a delay between the crystalline volume increase, and the cooperative macroscopic switching of molecular state. Using 100 ps X-ray diffraction, we track the molecular spin state and the structure of the lattice during the photoinduced low spin to high spin transition in microcrystals of [FeIII(3-MeO-SalEen)2]PF6. Model simulations explain the phenomenon with thermally activated kinetics governed by local energy barriers separating the molecular states. Such behaviour is different from that encountered in materials with no local energy barriers, where phase transformation can occur simultaneously with propagation of strain. Broadly, this motivates an optimised material design, scalable with size and intrinsic energetics.
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Number: 1 Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
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