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Bolle, P., Benali, T., Menet, C., Puget, M., Faulques, E., Marrot, J., Mialane, P., Dolbecq, A., Serier-Brault, H., Oms, O. & Dessapt, R. (2021) Tailoring the Solid-State Fluorescence of BODIPY by Supramolecular Assembly with Polyoxometalates. Inorg. Chem. 60 12602–12609. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c01983
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 0020-1669
Clé BibTeX: Bolle2021a
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Catégories: MIOPS
Créateurs: Benali, Bolle, Dessapt, Dolbecq, Faulques, Marrot, Menet, Mialane, Oms, Puget, Serier-Brault
Collection: Inorg. Chem.
Consultations : 1/335
Indice de consultation : 7%
Indice de popularité : 1.75%
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A cationic boron dipyrromethene (BODIPY) derivative (1+) has been successfully combined with two polyoxometalates (POMs), the Lindqvist-type [W6O19]2– and the β-[Mo8O26]4– units, into three new supramolecular fluorescent materials (1)2[W6O19]·2CH3CN, (1)2[W6O19], and (1)4[Mo8O26]·DMF·H2O. The resulting hybrid compounds have been fully characterized by a combination of single-crystal X-ray diffraction, IR and UV–vis spectroscopies, and photoluminescence analyses. This self-assembly approach prevents any π–π stacking interactions not only between the BODIPY units, responsible for aggregation-caused quenching (ACQ) effects, but also between the BODIPY and the POMs, avoiding intermolecular charge-transfer effects. Noticeably, the POM units do not only act as bulky spacers, but their negative charge density drives the molecular arrangement of the 1+ luminophore, strongly modifying its fluorescence in the solid state. As a consequence, the 1+ cations are organized into dimers in (1)2[W6O19]·2CH3CN and (1)2[W6O19], which are weakly emissive at room temperature, and in a more compact layered assembly in (1)4[Mo8O26]·DMF·H2O, which exhibits a red-shifted and intense emission upon similar photoexcitation.
Publisher: American Chemical Society
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