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Alkarmo, W., Aqil, A., Ouhib, F., Thomassin, J.-M., Mazouzi, D., Guyomard, D., Detrembleur, C. & Jerome, C. (2017) Nanostructured 3D porous hybrid network of N-doped carbon, graphene and Si nanoparticles as an anode material for Li-ion batteries. New Journal of Chemistry, 41 10555–10560.   
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Allali, N., Urbanova, V., Etienne, M., Devaux, X., Mallet, M., Vigolo, B., Adjizian, J.-J., Ewels, C. P., Oberg, S., Soldatov, A., McRae, E., Fort, Y., Dossot, M. & Mamane, V. (2018) Accurate control of the covalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes for the electro-enzymatically controlled oxidation of biomolecules. Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 9 2750–2762.   
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Allart, M., Christien, F., Le Gall, R., Nowakowski, P. & Grovenor, C. R. M. (2013) A multi-technique investigation of sulfur grain boundary segregation in nickel. Scr. Mater. 68 793–796.   
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Allart, M., Christien, F. & Le Gall, R. (2013) Ultra-fast sulphur grain boundary segregation during hot deformation of nickel. Acta Mater. 61 7938–7946.   
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de Almeida Maribondo Galvao, N. K., de Vasconcelos, G., Ribeiro dos Santos, M. V., Bastos Campos, T. M., Pessoa, R. S., Guerino, M., Djouadi, M. A. & Maciel, H. S. (2016) Growth and Characterization of Graphene on Polycrystalline SiC Substrate Using Heating by CO2 Laser Beam. Mater. Res.-Ibero-am. J. Mater. 19 1329–1334.   
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Alvarez, E., Marquez, A. G., Devic, T., Steunou, N., Serre, C., Bonhomme, C., Gervais, C., Izquierdo-Barba, I., Vallet-Regi, M., Laurencin, D., Mauri, F. & Horcajada, P. (2013) A biocompatible calcium bisphosphonate coordination polymer: towards a metal-linker synergistic therapeutic effect?. CRYSTENGCOMM, 15 9899–9905.   
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Alvarez, E., Guillou, N., Martineau, C., Bueken, B., Van de Voorde, B., Le Guillouzer, C., Fabry, P., Nouar, F., Taulelle, F., de Vos, D., Chang, J.-S., Cho, K. H., Ramsahye, N., Devic, T., Daturi, M., Maurin, G. & Serre, C. (2015) The Structure of the Aluminum Fumarate Metal-Organic Framework A520. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 54 3664–3668.   
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Alves, W. A., Fiorito, P. A., Froyer, G., El Haber, F., Vellutini, L., Torresi, R. M. & de Torresi, S. C. I. (2008) Immobilization of Catalysts of Biological Interest on Porous Oxidized Silicon Surfaces. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 8 3570–3576.   
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Alves, W., Ribeiro, A. O., Pinheiro, M. V. B., Krarnbrock, K., El Haber, F., Froyer, G., Chauvet, O., Ando, R. A., Souza, F. L. & Alves, W. A. (2011) Quenching of Photoactivity in Phthalocyanine Copper(II)-Titanate Nanotube Hybrid Systems. J. Phys. Chem. C, 115 12082–12089.   
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Alzerreca, M., Paris, M., Boyron, O., Orditz, D., Louarn, G. & Correc, O. (2015) Mechanical properties and molecular structures of virgin and recycled HDPE polymers used in gravity sewer systems. Polym. Test, 46 1–8.   
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Amela-Cortes, M., Garreau, A., Cordier, S., Faulques, E., Duvail, J.-L. & Molard, Y. (2014) Deep red luminescent hybrid copolymer materials with high transition metal cluster content. J. Mater. Chem. C, 2 1545–1552.   
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Amela-Cortes, M., Molard, Y., Paofai, S., Desert, A., Duvail, J.-L., Naumov, N. G. & Cordier, S. (2016) Versatility of the ionic assembling method to design highly luminescent PMMA nanocomposites containing [M(6)Q(8)(i) L-6(a)](n-) octahedral nano-building blocks. Dalton Trans. 45 237–245.   
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Ameur, I., Boudine, B., Laidoudi, M., Khennoucha, M., Brien, V., Horwat, D., Sebais, M. & Halimi, O. (2021) Influence of magnesium doping on microstructure, optical and photocatalytic activity of zinc oxide thin films synthesis by sol-gel route. Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing, 127.   
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Amiaud, T., Stephant, N., Dessapt, R. & Serier-Brault, H. (2021) Microwave-assisted synthesis of anhydrous lanthanide-based coordination polymers built upon benzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarboxylic acid. Polyhedron, 204 115261.   
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Ammar, S., Jouini, N., Fievet, F., Beji, Z., Smiri, L., Moline, P., Danot, M. & Greneche, J.-M. (2006) Magnetic properties of zinc ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by hydrolysis in a polyol medium. J. Phys.-Condes. Matter, 18 9055–9069.   
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Ammi, D., Ziane, A. & Mokrani, A. (2013) Torsional effects on the optical properties of PPV and PPP. Comput. Mater. Sci. 69 344–349.   
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Angelica Del Valle, M., Ramos, A. C., Antilen, M. P., Hernandez, L. A., Carlos Arteaga, G., Diaz, F. R. & Louarn, G. (2014) Electro-synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanostructures from Terthiophene Using Silica Mesoporous Films as Template. Electrochemistry, 82 146–151.   
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Annonay, N., Challali, F., Labour, M.-N., Bockelee, V., Garcia-Sanchez, A., Tetard, F., Besland, M.-P., Djemia, P. & Chaubet, F. (2018) Thin films of binary amorphous Zn-Zr alloys developed by magnetron co-sputtering for the production of degradable coronary stents: A preliminary study. Bioact. Mater. 3 385–388.   
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Anothumakkool, B., Wiemers-Meyer, S., Guyomard, D., Winter, M., Brousse, T. & Gaubicher, J. (2019) Cascade-Type Prelithiation Approach for Li-Ion Capacitors. Advanced Energy Materials, 9 1900078.   
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Anothumakkool, B., Sayed-Ahmad-Baraza, Y., Massuyeau, F., Brousse, T., Ewels, C. & Gaubicher, J. (2021) Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Effect of Functionalized Pyrene Polymerization on Carbon Electrode Surfaces for Electrochemical Storage. Batteries Supercaps, 4 1018–1031.   
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Anothumakkool, B., Taberna, P.-L., Daffos, B., Simon, P., Sayed-Ahmad-Baraza, Y., Ewels, C., Brousse, T. & Gaubicher, J. (2017) Improved electro-grafting of nitropyrene onto onion-like carbon via in situ electrochemical reduction and polymerization: tailoring redox energy density of the supercapacitor positive electrode. J. Mater. Chem. A, 5 1488–1494.   
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Anothumakkool, B., Guyomard, D., Gaubicher, J. & Madec, L. (2017) Interest of molecular functionalization for electrochemical storage. Nano Research, 10 4175–4200.   
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Anothumakkool, B., Dupre, N., Moreau, P., Guyomard, D., Brousse, T. & Gaubicher, J. (2018) Peculiar Li-storage mechanism at graphene edges in turbostratic carbon black and their application in high energy Li-ion capacitor. Journal of Power Sources, 378 628–635.   
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Antoun, G., Girard, A., Tillocher, T., Lefaucheux, P., Faguet, J., Maekawa, K., Cardinaud, C. & Dussart, R. (2022) Quasi In Situ XPS on a SiOxFy Layer Deposited on Silicon by a Cryogenic Process. ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol. 11 013013.   
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Antoun, G., Dussart, R., Tillocher, T., Lefaucheux, P., Cardinaud, C., Girard, A., Tahara, S., Yamazaki, K., Yatsuda, K., Faguet, J. & Maekawa, K. (2019) The role of physisorption in the cryogenic etching process of silicon. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 58 SEEB03.   
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Arakawa, Y., Ishida, Y., Sasaki, Y., Sasaki, S., Tokita, M. & Tsuji, H. (2022) Alkylthio-based asymmetric liquid crystals: unravelling the substituent effects and intercalated cybotactic nematic and smectic phases. Mater. Adv.   
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Arakawa, Y., Ishida, Y., Shiba, T., Igawa, K., Sasaki, S. & Tsuji, H. (2022) Effects of alkylthio groups on phase transitions of organic molecules and liquid crystals: a comparative study with alkyl and alkoxy groups. Crystengcomm,   
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Araño, K., Mazouzi, D., Kerr, R., Lestriez, B., Le Bideau, J., Howlett, P. C., Dupre, N., Forsyth, M. & Guyomard, D. (2020) Editors' Choice-Understanding the Superior Cycling Performance of Si Anode in Highly Concentrated Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolyte. J. Electrochem. Soc. 167 120520.   
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Araño, K., Begic, S., Chen, F., Rakov, D., Mazouzi, D., Gautier, N., Kerr, R., Lestriez, B., Le Bideau, J., Howlett, P. C., Guyomard, D., Forsyth, M. & Dupre, N. (2021) Tuning the Formation and Structure of the Silicon Electrode/Ionic Liquid Electrolyte Interphase in Superconcentrated Ionic Liquids. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 13 28281–28294.   
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Archambaud, S., Legrand, F., Aphecetche-Julienne, K., Collet, S., Guingant, A. & Evain, M. (2010) Total Synthesis of (+)-Brefeldin C, (+)-nor-Me Brefeldin A and (+)-4-epi-nor-Me Brefeldin A. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 1364–1380.   
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Archambeau, S., Seguy, I., Jolinat, P., Farenc, J., Destruel, P., Nguyen, T. P., Bock, H. & Grelet, E. (2006) Stabilization of discotic liquid organic thin films by ITO surface treatment. Appl. Surf. Sci. 253 2078–2086.   
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Arcon, D., Pregelj, M., Cevc, P., Rotas, G., Pagona, G., Tagmatarchis, N. & Ewels, C. (2007) Stability, thermal homolysis and intermediate phases of solid hydroazafullerene C59HN. Chem. Commun. 3386–3388.   
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Arenal, R., March, K., Ewels, C. P., Rocquefelte, X., Kociak, M., Loiseau, A. & Stephan, O. (2014) Atomic Configuration of Nitrogen-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Nano Lett. 14 5509–5516.   
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Arenal, R., Ferrari, A. C., Reich, S., Wirtz, L., Mevellec, J. .-Y., Lefrant, S., Rubio, A. & Loiseau, A. (2006) Raman spectroscopy of single-wall boron nitride nanotubes. Nano Lett. 6 1812–1816.   
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Arivazhagan, P., Ramesh, R., Kumar, R. R., Faulques, E., Bennis, F. & Baskar, K. (2016) Structural and electrical characteristics of GaN, n-GaN and AlxGa1-xN. J. Alloy. Compd. 656 110–118.   
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Arivazhagan, P., Faulques, E., Bennis, F. & Baskar, K. (2016) Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Studies on AlGaN Double Heterostructures. IETE Tech. Rev. 33 76–81.   
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Arlabosse, J.-M., Rondeau, B. & Fritsch, E. (2008) A blue manganaxinite. Gems Gemol. 44 81–81.   
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Armand, M., Axmann, P., Bresser, D., Copley, M., Edstrom, K., Ekberg, C., Guyomard, D., Lestriez, B., Novák, P., Petranikova, M., Porcher, W., Trabesinger, S., Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, M. & Zhang, H. (2020) Lithium-ion batteries - Current state of the art and anticipated developments. Journal of Power Sources, 479 228708.   
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Arnaud, V., Berthelot, M., Evain, M., Graton, J. & Le Questel, J.-Y. (2007) Hydrogen-bond interactions of nicotine and acetylcholine salts: A combined crystallographic, spectroscopic, thermodynamic and theoretical study. Chem.-Eur. J. 13 1499–1510.   
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Arrive, C., Delahaye, T., Joubert, O. & Gauthier, G. (2013) Exsolution of nickel nanoparticles at the surface of a conducting titanate as potential hydrogen electrode material for solid oxide electrochemical cells. J. Power Sources, 223 341–348.   
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