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Bacha, E., Deniard, P., Richard-Plouet, M., Brohan, L. & Gundel, H. W. (2011) An inexpensive and efficient method for the synthesis of BTO and STO at temperatures lower than 200 degrees C. Thin Solid Films, 519 5816–5819.   
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Ciobanu, C. S., Iconaru, S. L., Massuyeau, F., Constantin, L. V., Costescu, A. & Predoi, D. (2012) Synthesis, Structure, and Luminescent Properties of Europium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystalline Powders. J. Nanomater. 942801.   
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Elfordy, S., Lucas, F., Tancret, F., Scudeller, Y. & Goudet, L. (2008) Mechanical and thermal properties of lime and hemp concrete ("hempcrete") manufactured by a projection process. Constr. Build. Mater. 22 2116–2123.   
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Kai, K., Cuisinier, M., Yoshida, Y., Saito, G., Kobayashi, Y. & Kageyama, H. (2012) One-pot synthesis of co-substituted manganese oxide nanosheets and physical properties of lamellar aggregates. Mater. Res. Bull. 47 3855–3859.   
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Pecqueux, F., Tancret, F., Payraudeau, N. & Bouler, J. M. (2010) Influence of microporosity and macroporosity on the mechanical properties of biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramics: Modelling and experiment. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 30 819–829.   
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Popa, K., Bregiroux, D., Konings, R. J. M., Gouder, T., Popa, A. F., Gelsler, T. & Ralson, P. E. (2007) The chemistry of the phosphates of barium and tetravalent cations in the 1 : 1 stoichiometry. J. Solid State Chem. 180 2346–2355.   
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Popa, K., Konings, R. J. M., Benes, O., Geisler, T. & Popa, A. F. (2006) Thermodynamic and spectroscopic studies on the phase transition of BaHf(PO4)(2). Thermochim. Acta, 451 1–4.   
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Tancret, F., Bouler, J. .-M., Chamousset, J. & Minois, L. .-M. (2006) Modelling the mechanical properties of microporous and macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramics. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 26 3647–3656.   
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Wallez, G., Bregiroux, D., Popa, K., Raison, P. E., Apostolidis, C., Lindqvist-Reis, P., Konings, R. J. M. & Popa, A. F. (2011) BaAn(IV)(PO4)(2) (An(IV) = Th, Np) - A New Family of Layered Double Phosphates. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 110–115.   
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Zhang, J. T., Tancret, F. & Bouler, J. M. (2011) Fabrication and mechanical properties of calcium phosphate cements (CPC) for bone substitution. Mater. Sci. Eng. C-Mater. Biol. Appl. 31 740–747.   
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