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Belaidi, H., Rauch, F., Zhang, Z., Latouche, C., Boucekkine, A., Marder, T. B. & Halet, J.-F. (2020) Insights into the Optical Properties of Triarylboranes with Strongly Electron-Accepting Bis(fluoromesityl)boryl Groups: when Theory Meets Experiment. Chemphotochem, 4 173–180.   
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Bourgès, C., Zhang, W., Raut, K. K., Owada, Y., Kawamoto, N., Mitome, M., Kobayashi, K., Halet, J.-F., Berthebaud, D. & Mori, T. (2023) Investigation of Mn Single and Co-Doping in Thermoelectric CoSb3-Skutterudite: A Way Toward a Beneficial Composite Effect. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 6 9646–9656.   
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Bouteiller, H., Pelletier, V., Tonquesse, S. L., Fontaine, B., Mori, T., Halet, J.-F., Gautier, R., Berthebaud, D. & Gascoin, F. (2024) Advancing very high temperature thermoelectric performance of Yb4Sb3 through dual-substitutions: a combined experimental and theoretical study. Mater. Adv. 5 1217–1225.   
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Bouteiller, H., Fontaine, B., Mori, T., Gascoin, F., Halet, J.-F. & Berthebaud, D. (2023) Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structure, and Thermal Conductivity Investigation of the Hollandite-like CsxCr5Te8 Phases (0.73 < x < 1). Inorg. Chem. 62 16905–16912.   
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Le Tonquesse, S., Bouteiller, H., Matsushita, Y., Cortez, A., Bux, S. K., Imasato, K., Ohta, M., Halet, J.-F., Mori, T., Gascoin, F. & Berthebaud, D. (2023) Enhanced High-Temperature Thermoelectric Performance of Yb4Sb3 via Ce/Bi Co-doping and Metallic Contact Deposition for Device Integration. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 6 10088–10097.   
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Roger, J., Ben Yahia, M., Babizhetskyy, V., Bauer, J., Cordier, S., Guerin, R., Hiebl, K., Rocquefelte, X., Saillard, J.-Y. & Halet, J.-F. (2006) Mn5Si3-type host-interstitial boron rare-earth metal silicide compounds RE5Si3: Crystal structures, physical properties and theoretical considerations. J. Solid State Chem. 179 2310–2328.   
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