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Annonay, N., Challali, F., Labour, M.-N., Bockelee, V., Garcia-Sanchez, A., Tetard, F., Besland, M.-P., Djemia, P. & Chaubet, F. (2018) Thin films of binary amorphous Zn-Zr alloys developed by magnetron co-sputtering for the production of degradable coronary stents: A preliminary study. Bioact. Mater. 3 385–388.   
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Bertaud, T., Bermond, C., Challali, F., Goullet, A., Vallee, C. & Flechet, B. (2011) Ultra wide band frequency characterization of integrated TiTaO-based metal-insulator-metal devices. J. Appl. Phys. 110 044110.   
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Challali, F., Mendil, D., Touam, T., Chauveau, T., Bockelee, V., Sanchez, A. G., Chelouche, A. & Besland, M.-P. (2020) Effect of RF sputtering power and vacuum annealing on the properties of AZO thin films prepared from ceramic target in confocal configuration. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 118 105217.   
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Salimy, S., Goullet, A., Rhallabi, A., Challali, F., Toutain, S. & Saubat, J. C. (2011) A unified analytical and scalable lumped model of RF CMOS spiral inductors based on electromagnetic effects and circuit analysis. Solid-State Electron. 61 38–45.   
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