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Biagioni, C., Moelo, Y. & Orlandi, P. (2014) Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). XV. (Tl-Ag)-bearing rouxelite from Monte Arsiccio mine: occurrence and crystal chemistry. Mineral. Mag. 78 651–661.   
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Biagioni, C., Bonaccorsi, E., Moelo, Y., Orlandi, P., Bindi, L., D'Orazio, M. & Vezzoni, S. (2014) Mercury-arsenic sulfosalts from the Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy). II. Arsiccioite, AgHg2TlAs2S6, a new mineral from the Monte Arsiccio mine: Occurrence, crystal structure and crystal chemistry of the routhierite isotypic series. Mineral. Mag. 78 101–117.   
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Choubrac, L., Lafond, A., Guillot-Deudon, C., Moelo, Y. & Jobic, S. (2012) Structure Flexibility of the Cu2ZnSnS4 Absorber in Low-Cost Photovoltaic Cells: From the Stoichiometric to the Copper-Poor Compounds. Inorg. Chem. 51 3346–3348.   
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Devic, T., Evain, M., Moelo, Y., Canadell, E., Auban-Senzier, P., Fourmigue, M. & Batail, P. (2003) {Single crystalline commensurate metallic assemblages of pi-slabs and Cdl(2)-type layers: Synthesis and properties of beta-(EDT-TTF-l(2))(2){[Pb-5/6 square(1/6)l(2)](3) and beta-(EDT-TTF-l(2))(2)[Pb2/3+xAg1/3-2x square(x)l(2)](3). JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 125 3295–3301.   
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Doussier, C., Andre, G., Leone, P., Janod, E. & Moelo, Y. (2006) Magnetic study of two isotypic manganese chloro-sulfides: MnSbS2Cl and the new compound MnBiS2Cl. J. Solid State Chem. 179 486–491.   
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Doussier, C., Moelo, Y. & Leone, P. (2006) Synthesis and crystal structures of four new bromo-chalcogenides: MnSbS2Br, MnBiSe2Br and two allotropic forms of MnSbSe2Br. Crystal chemistry of the MnPnQ(2)X family (Pn = Sb, Bi ; Q = S, Se ; X = Cl, Br, I). Solid State Sci. 8 652–659.   
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Doussier-Brochard, C., Leone, P., Andre, G. & Moelo, Y. (2009) Neutron diffraction study of magnetic ordering of the manganese bismuth chloro-sulfide: MnBiS2Cl. Mater. Res. Bull. 44 759–761.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:41:24 Pop. 1.25%
Laroussi, A., Jambon, A., Moelo, Y., Boudouma, O. & Chennaoui Aoudjehane, H. (2012) Fe-Mn EXCHANGE BETWEEN DAUBREELITE AND ALABANDITE IN E CHONDRITES. A METAMORPHIC INDEX? Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 47 A238–A238.   
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Paar, W. H., Moelo, Y., Mozgova, N. N., Organova, N. I., Stanley, C. J., Roberts, A. C., Culetto, F. J., Effenberger, H. S., Topa, D., Putz, H., Sureda, R. J. & de Brodtkorb, M. K. (2008) Coiraite, (Pb,Sn2+)(12.5)As3Fe2+Sn54+S28: a franckeite-type new mineral species from Jujuy Province, NW Argentina. Mineral. Mag. 72 1083–1101.   
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Paar, W. H., Pring, A., Moelo, Y., Stanley, C. J., Putz, H., Topa, D., Roberts, A. C. & Braithwaite, R. S. W. (2009) Daliranite, PbHgAs2S6, a new sulphosalt from the Zarshouran Au-As deposit, Takab region, Iran. Mineral. Mag. 73 871–881.   
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