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Ben Messaoud, K., Buffiere, M., Brammertz, G., ElAnzeery, H., Oueslati, S., Hamon, J., Kniknie, B. J., Meuris, M., Amlouk, M. & Poortmans, J. (2015) Impact of the Cd2+ treatment on the electrical properties of Cu2ZnSnSe4 and Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells. Prog. Photovoltaics, 23 1608–1620.   
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Bizot, C., Blin, M.-A., Guichard, P., Hamon, J., Fernandez, V., Soudan, P., Gaubicher, J. & Poizot, P. (2021) Aluminum current collector for high voltage Li-ion battery. Part I: A benchmark study with statistical analysis. Electrochemistry Communications, 126 107013.   
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Bodio, E., Boujtita, M., Julienne, K., Le Saec, P., Gouin, S. G., Hamon, J., Renault, E. & Deniaud, D. (2014) Synthesis and Characterization of a Stable Copper(I) Complex for Radiopharmaceutical Applications. ChemPlusChem, 79 1284–1293.   
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Doux, J.-M., Hoang, K., Joubert, O., Hamon, J., Massuyeau, F. & Quarez, E. (2018) Ionic to Electronic Transport in Ba3Ti3O6(BO3)2 under Reducing Atmosphere. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 1 510–521.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Stephant, N., Hamon, J., Thiry, D., Chauvin, A., Chettab, M., Gautron, E., Konstantinidis, S., Granier, A. & Tessier, P.-Y. (2016) Creating nanoporosity in silver nanocolumns by direct exposure to radio-frequency air plasma. Nanoscale, 8 141–148.   
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Grissa, R., Fernandez, V., Fairley, N., Hamon, J., Stephant, N., Rolland, J., Bouchet, R., Lecuyer, M., Deschamps, M., Guyomard, D. & Moreau, P. (2018) XPS and SEM-EDX Study of Electrolyte Nature Effect on Li Electrode in Lithium Metal Batteries. Acs Applied Energy Materials, 1 5694–5702.   
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Jolivet, V., Morizet, Y., Hamon, J., Paris, M. & Suzuki-Muresan, T. (2021) The influence of iodide on glass transition temperature of high-pressure nuclear waste glasses. J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 104 1360–1369.   
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Jun-feng, H., Liu, X., Li-mei, C., Hamon, J. & Besland, M. P. (2015) Investigation of oxide layer on CdTe film surface and its effect on the device performance. Mater. Sci. Semicond. Process, 40 402–406.   
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Keraudy, J., Ferrec, A., Richard-Plouet, M., Hamon, J., Goullet, A. & Jouan, P.-Y. (2017) Nitrogen doping on NiO by reactive magnetron sputtering: A new pathway to dynamically tune the optical and electrical properties. Appl. Surf. Sci. 409 77–84.   
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Keraudy, J., Delfour-Peyrethon, B., Ferrec, A., Molleja, J. G., Richard-Plouet, M., Payen, C., Hamon, J., Corraze, B., Goullet, A. & Jouan, P.-Y. (2017) Process- and optoelectronic-control of NiOx thin films deposited by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering. Journal of Applied Physics, 121 171916.   
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Lenne, Q., Retout, M., Gosselin, B., Bruylants, G., Jabin, I., Hamon, J., Lagrost, C. & Leroux, Y. R. (2022) Highly stable silver nanohybrid electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction. Chem. Commun.   
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Morizet, Y., Hamon, J., La, C., Jolivet, V., Suzuki-Muresan, T. & Paris, M. (2021) Immobilization of 129I in nuclear waste glass matrixes synthesized under high-pressure conditions: an experimental study. J. Mater. Chem. A, 9 23902–23915.   
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Morizet, Y., Jolivet, V., Trcera, N., Suzuki-Muresan, T. & Hamon, J. (2021) Iodine local environment in high pressure borosilicate glasses: An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigation. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 553 153050.   
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Plujat, B., Glenat, H., Hamon, J., Gazal, Y., Goullet, A., Hernandez, E., Quoizola, S. & Thomas, L. (2018) Near-field scanning microscopy and physico-chemical analysis versus time of SiCN:H thin films grown in Ar/NH3/TMS gas mixture using MW-Plasma CVD at 400 degrees C. Plasma Processes and Polymers, 15 e1800066.   
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Plujat, B., Glenat, H., Bousquet, A., Frezet, L., Hamon, J., Goullet, A., Tomasella, E., Hernandez, E., Quoizola, S. & Thomas, L. (2020) SiCN:H thin films deposited by MW-PECVD with liquid organosilicon precursor: Gas ratio influence versus properties of the deposits. Plasma Process. Polym. 17 e1900138.   
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Scalabrini, M., Hamon, J., Linossier, I., Ferrieres, V. & Rehel, K. (2019) Pseudomonas aeruginosa resistance of monosaccharide-functionalized glass surfaces. Colloid Surf. B-Biointerfaces, 183 UNSP 110383.   
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Thiry, D., Chauvin, A., El Mel, A.-A., Cardinaud, C., Hamon, J., Gautron, E., Stephant, N., Granier, A. & Tessier, P.-Y. (2017) Tailoring the chemistry and the nano-architecture of organic thin films using cold plasma processes. Plasma Processes and Polymers, 14 e1700042.   
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Thommy, L., Joubert, O., Hamon, J. & Caldes, M.-T. (2016) Impregnation versus exsolution: Using metal catalysts to improve electrocatalytic properties of LSCM-based anodes operating at 600 degrees C. Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, 41 14207–14216.   
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