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Singh, A., Grenz, D., Pellegrin, Y., Odobel, F., Poizot, P. & Gaubicher, J. (2023) Challenging metal-ion rocking-chair and zinc-ion mechanisms in mild acidic to neutral aqueous electrolytes. Electrochemistry Communications, 154 107559. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.elecom.2023.107559
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 1388-2481
Clé BibTeX: Singh2023
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Catégories: ST2E
Mots-clés: Aqueous batteries, Insolubility, Organic material, Proton insertion, Zinc-ion
Créateurs: Gaubicher, Grenz, Odobel, Pellegrin, Poizot, Singh
Collection: Electrochemistry Communications
Consultations : 59/190
Indice de consultation : 9%
Indice de popularité : 2.25%
Liens URLs     https://www.scienc ... /S1388248123001339
The utilization of 2,5-ditertbutyl hydroquinone (DTBHQ) as a potential active material in aqueous zinc-ion batteries (AZIBs) was studied for the first time. Thanks to its two hydrophobic groups, DTBHQ demonstrates a maximum solubility of 629 µM/L, significantly lower than that of other reported small quinone derivatives for AZIBs. This property translates to remarkable long-term capacity retention, even at a high electrolyte to active mass ratio. Significantly, our findings provide unequivocal support for a proton insertion mechanism as the main electrochemical process in the solid state in mono- and divalent aqueous electrolytes, thereby challenging the prevailing notion of metal-ion rocking-chair and zinc-ion mechanisms widely reported for aqueous batteries. This novel insight that holds for electrolytes based on metal- (K+, Zn2+ and Mg2+) and non-metal cations (NH4+ and NH3OH+) has profound implications for the understanding and development of aqueous batteries since the operating reduction potential was found to be directly proportional to the pKa values of the predominant acid/base couple of the tested aqueous electrolytes.
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