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Buchtova, N., Rethore, G., Boyer, C., Guicheux, J., Rambaud, F., Valle, K., Belleville, P., Sanchez, C., Chauvet, O., Weiss, P. & Le Bideau, J. (2013) Nanocomposite hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering: mesoporous silica nanofibers interlinked with siloxane derived polysaccharide. J. Mater. Sci.-Mater. Med. 24 1875–1884. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1007/s10856-013-4951-0
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 0957-4530
Clé BibTeX: Buchtova2013
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Catégories: PMN
Mots-clés: biomedical applications, cells, design, drug-delivery, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, matrices
Créateurs: Belleville, Boyer, Buchtova, Chauvet, Guicheux, Le Bideau, Rambaud, Rethore, Sanchez, Valle, Weiss
Collection: J. Mater. Sci.-Mater. Med.
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Injectable materials for mini-invasive surgery of cartilage are synthesized and thoroughly studied. The concept of these hybrid materials is based on providing high enough mechanical performances along with a good medium for chondrocytes proliferation. The unusual nanocomposite hydrogels presented herein are based on siloxane derived hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (Si-HPMC) interlinked with mesoporous silica nanofibers. The mandatory homogeneity of the nanocomposites is checked by fluorescent methods, which show that the silica nanofibres dispersion is realized down to nanometric scale, suggesting an efficient immobilization of the silica nanofibres onto the Si-HPMC scaffold. Such dispersion and immobilization are reached thanks to the chemical affinity between the hydrophilic silica nanofibers and the pendant silanolate groups of the Si-HPMC chains. Tuning the amount of nanocharges allows tuning the resulting mechanical features of these injectable biocompatible hybrid hydrogels. hASC stem cells and SW1353 chondrocytic cells viability is checked within the nanocomposite hydrogels up to 3 wt\% of silica nanofibers.
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