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Han, J.-F., Fu, G.-H., Krishnakumar, V., Schimper, H.-J., Liao, C., Jaegermann, W. & Besland, M. P. (2015) Studies of CdS/CdTe interface: Comparison of CdS films deposited by close space sublimation and chemical bath deposition techniques. Thin Solid Films, 582 290–294. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2014.12.039
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 0040-6090
Clé BibTeX: Han2015a
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Catégories: PCM
Mots-clés: Cadmium telluride, Chemical bath deposition, Close space sublimation, efficiency, Interface, Solar cells, solar-cells, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Créateurs: Besland, Fu, Han, Jaegermann, Krishnakumar, Liao, Schimper
Collection: Thin Solid Films
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The CdS layers were deposited by two different methods, close space sublimation (CSS) and chemical bath deposition (CBD) technique. The CdS/CdTe interface properties were investigated by transmission electron microscope (TEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The TEM images showed a large CSS-CdS grain size in the range of 70-80 nm. The interface between CSS-CdS and CdTe were clear and sharp, indicating an abrupt heterojunction. On the other hand, CBD-CdS layer had much smaller grain size in the 5-10 nm range. The interface between CBD-CdS and CdTe was not as clear as CSS-CdS. With the stepwise coverage of CdTe layer, the XPS core levels of Cd 3d and S 2p in CSS-CdS had a sudden shift to lower binding energies, while those core levels shifted gradually in CBD-CdS. In addition, XPS depth profile analyses indicated a strong diffusion in the interface between CBD-CdS and CdTe. The solar cells prepared using CSS-CdS yielded better device performance than the CBD-CdS layer. The relationships between the solar cell performances and properties of CdS/CdTe interfaces were discussed. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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