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Aji, A. T., Halli, P., Guimont, A., Wilson, B. P., Aromaa, J. & Lundstrom, M. (2019) Modelling of silver anode dissolution and the effect of gold as impurity under simulated industrial silver electrorefining conditions. Hydrometallurgy, 189 UNSP 105105. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.hydromet.2019.105105
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 0304-386X
Clé BibTeX: Aji2019
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Mots-clés: acid, alloys, Au - Ag alloy, Copper, Cyclic polarization, Kinetic modelling, passivation, passivation, Silver electrorefining
Créateurs: Aji, Aromaa, Guimont, Halli, Lundstrom, Wilson
Collection: Hydrometallurgy
Consultations : 16/337
Indice de consultation : 4%
Indice de popularité : 1%
As Au content causes passivation during silver electrorefining process, a kinetic study and modelling of Au-Ag alloy in synthetic silver electrolyte is presented. In this research, the possibility to process high gold Dore efficiently through the simple adjustment of electrolyte conditions and the process current density is demonstrated. Measurements of binary Au-Ag alloys in a synthetic silver electrolyte with silver concentration ([Ag+]) of 40, 70 and 100 g/dm(3) were conducted at temperatures between 25 and 45 degrees C. Results show that efficient processing of Dore with a higher gold content up to 20% can be achieved in a low [Ag+] (40 g/dm(3)) electrolyte with a current density (j) of 180-300 A/m(2). For an intermediate electrolyte with [Ag+] of 70 g/dm(3), for Au limit of 13-14%, the current density can be increased to j of 500-600 A/m(2), for a Au content of 13-14%. Finally, using high concentration electrolyte of [Ag+] = 100 g/dm(3), a high current density ({>})1000 A/m(2) can only be efficiently applied when Au content is limited to 6-8%. Based on empirical kinetic modelling, this study shows an effective approach on the processing Dore with wide range of Au content.
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