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Leblanc, A., Mercier, N., Allain, M., Dittmer, J., Pauporte, T., Fernandez, V., Boucher, F., Kepenekian, M. & Katan, C. (2019) Enhanced Stability and Band Gap Tuning of alpha-[HC(NH2)(2)]PbI3 Hybrid Perovskite by Large Cation Integration. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11 20743–20751. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.9b00210
Clé BibTeX: Leblanc2019
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Catégories: IMN, ST2E
Créateurs: Allain, Boucher, Dittmer, Fernandez, Katan, Kepenekian, Leblanc, Mercier, Pauporte
Collection: Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
Consultations : 1/404
Indice de consultation : 5%
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We report room-temperature synthesis of lead- and iodide-deficient alpha-[HC (NH2)(2)]PbI3 perovskites (abbreviated d-alpha-FAPI, FA(+) = formamidinium), with the general formula (A',FA)(1)(-x)[Pb1-xI3-x] (with A' = hydroxyethylammonium (HEA(+)) or thioethylammonium (TEA(+)) cations, 0.04 {<}= x {<}= 0.15). These materials retain a 3D character of their perovskite network despite incorporation of large HEA(+) or TEA(+) cations, demonstrating that the Goldschmidt tolerance factor can be bypassed. We found that thin films of (TEA,FA)(1)(-x)[Pb1-xI3-x(x = 0.04 and 0.13) show exceptional alpha-phase stability under ambient conditions, 1 order of magnitude higher than alpha-FAPI and alpha-(Cs,FA)PbI3 thin films. d-alpha-FAPI phases are shown to maintain a direct band gap, which increases monotonously for x ranging from 0 up to 0.20, with characteristics of a p-type semiconductor for low concentrations of vacancies (x {<}= 0.13) and n-type for larger ones. They offer alternatives to reach the methylammonium- and bromine-free stable alpha-FAPI-type phase and open new avenues in the field of perovskite solar cells, up to band gap tuning desirable for tandem solar cells.
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