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Devic, T., Domercq, B., Auban-Senzier, P., Molinie, P. & Fourmigue, M. (2002) Cyano-halogen interactions in {[EDT-TTF-I](2)[Ni(mnt)(2)] and [EDT-TTF-I-2](2)[Ni(mnt)(2)] and geometrical evolutions within mixed-valence or fully oxidized TTF dyads}. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 2844–2849. 
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Type de référence: Article
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): {1434-1948}
Clé BibTeX: Devic{2002}
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Catégories: HORSIMN
Créateurs: Auban-Senzier, Devic, Domercq, Fourmigue, Molinie
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{The structure of the iodo-substituted tetrathiafulvalene derivative EDT-TTF-I is described, with neutral molecules associated into inversion-centred dyads; no short intermolecular I...I contacts are observed. Electrocrystallisation of EDT-TTF-I (1) or EDT-TTF-I-2 (2) in the presence of {[}nBu(4)N]{[}Ni(mnt)(2)] afforded 2:1 salts, formulated as {[}1](2){[}Ni(mnt)(2)] and {[}2](2){[}Ni(mnt)(2)]. In both salts the organic donor molecules 1 or 2 are associated into inversion-centred dyads, connected to the {[}Ni(mnt)(2)] species through a short, directional CN...I interaction. The dyads alternate with the nickel dithiolene complex into mixed... DDADDADDA... stacks. Comparisons in both salts of intramolecular bond lengths, intra-dyad overlap modes, and magnetic susceptibilities, indicate a full charge-transfer in {[}1](2){[}Ni(Mnt)(2)], formulated as {[}1](2)(2+), {[}Ni(mnt)(2)](2-), while a mixed-valence state is observed in 2 {[}2](2)(+.){[}Ni(mnt)(2)](-.). (C) Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, 69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2002.}
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