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Devic, T., Rondeau, D., Sahin, Y., Levillain, E., Clerac, R., Batail, P. & Avarvari, N. (2006) Copper(I/II) complexes of a bis(tetrathiafulvalene)-2,2 `-bipyridine: synthesis, characterization, magnetic and electrochemical properties. DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 1331–1337. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: {10.1039/b512598g}
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): {1477-9226}
Clé BibTeX: Devic{2006}
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Catégories: HORSIMN
Créateurs: Avarvari, Batail, Clerac, Devic, Levillain, Rondeau, Sahin
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{The coordination ability of the electroactive TTF-based chelating ligand 5,5'- bis(4,5-bis(thiomethyl)-4 4'-carbamoyltetrathiafulvalene)-2,2'-bipyridine(L) has been tested with Cu(I) and Cu(II) centres. {[}(L)(2)Cu-I](PF6), {[}(L)(2)Cu-II](OTf)(2) and {[}(L)Cu-II(DMF)(3)](OTf)(2) have been synthesized. A single-crystal X- ray analysis was performed on {[}(L) CuII(DMF) 3](OTf) 2, showing a distorted octahedral geometry around the Cu(II) centre, and the formation of dimeric units in the solid state through weak coordination in apical position of an amide oxygen atom from a neighbouring complex. Magnetic data show that the paramagnetic metallic centres are isolated, in agreement with the solid-state structure. Electrochemical measurements were performed on the three complexes and in all cases the Cu(I)/Cu(II) and TTF/TTF+center dot/TTF2+ redox processes were observed.}
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