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Letilly, M., La Salle, L. G. A., Lachgar, A. & Joubert, O. (2010) Synthesis, structural analysis and electrochemical performances of BLSITCFx as new cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) based on BITO7 electrolyte. J. Power Sources, 195 4779–4784. 
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Type de référence: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2010.02.052
Numéro d'identification (ISBN etc.): 0378-7753
Clé BibTeX: Letilly2010
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Catégories: ST2E
Mots-clés: bit07, Cathode, Complex impedance spectroscopy, composite cathodes, dense, electrical-properties, films, la1-xsrxco1-yfeyo3, Oxides, sofc, thermal-expansion
Créateurs: Joubert, La Salle, Lachgar, Letilly
Collection: J. Power Sources
Consultations : 11/829
Indice de consultation : 5%
Indice de popularité : 1.25%
BaIn(0.3)Ti(0.7)O(2.85) (BIT07) is a suitable electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) but half cells based on La(0.58)Sr(0.4)Co(0.2)Fe(0.8)O(3-delta) (LSCF) as a cathode material show a degradation of the Area Specific Resistance (ASR) at 700 degrees C with time. This study deals with the characterization of alternative cathode materials showing a better compatibility with BIT07 than LSCF. A new solid solution, Ba(x)La(0.58(1).(x))Sr(0.4(1-x))In(0.3x)Ti(0.7x)Co(0.2(1-x))Fe(0.8(1-x))O(3-delta), with 0 {<}= x {<}= 1, also called BLSITCFx, with in this case x expressed in molar \%, derived from BIT07 and LSCF, has been synthesized at 1350 degrees C in air using BIT07 and LSCF powders. Two compositions, BLSITCF12 and BLSITCF25, have been selected due to their thermal expansion and conductivity properties. Symmetrical half cells based on these two new materials deposited on BIT07 electrolyte have been studied by complex impedance spectroscopy in air versus temperature and time. Their behaviour is comparable to LSCF's, with ASR values never exceeding 0.2 Omega cm(2) at 700 degrees C, and moreover their less important Thermal Expansion Coefficient (TEC) mismatch with BIT07 lead to a better mechanical compatibility with time. These new compounds are therefore better candidates than LSCF as cathode materials for SOFC based on BIT07 electrolyte. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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