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Angelica Del Valle, M., Ramos, A. C., Antilen, M. P., Hernandez, L. A., Carlos Arteaga, G., Diaz, F. R. & Louarn, G. (2014) Electro-synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanostructures from Terthiophene Using Silica Mesoporous Films as Template. Electrochemistry, 82 146–151.   
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Arteaga, G. C., del Valle, M. A., Antilen, M., Diaz, F. R., Gacitua, M. A., Zamora, P. P., Bernede, J. C., Cattin, L. & Louarn, G. (2012) Thiophene and Pyrrole Derivative Polymers Electro-Synthesized on Stainles Steel. Doping and Morphology Characterization. Int. J. Electrochem. Sci. 7 7840–7854.   
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Duvail, J. L., Long, Y., Retho, P., Louarn, G., De Pra, D. L. & Demoustier-Champagne, S. (2008) Enhanced electroactivity and electrochromism in PEDOT nanowires. Mol. Cryst. Liquid Cryst. 485 835–842.   
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Long, Y.-Z., Li, M.-M., Gu, C., Wan, M., Duvail, J.-L., Liu, Z. & Fan, Z. (2011) Recent advances in synthesis, physical properties and applications of conducting polymer nanotubes and nanofibers. Prog. Polym. Sci. 36 1415–1442.   
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Mauricio Ramirez, A., Cattin, L., Bernede, J.-C., Diaz, F. R., Gacitua, M. A. & del Valle, M. A. (2021) Nanostructured TiO2 and PEDOT Electrodes with Photovoltaic Application. Nanomaterials, 11 107.   
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Reisdorffer, F., Garnier, B., Le Rendu, P. & Nguyen, T.-P. (2015) Use of an OLED as a thermal source to supply integrated organic Peltier unit. Appl. Therm. Eng. 76 530–534.   
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