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Coativy, G., Gautier, N., Pontoire, B., Buleon, A., Lourdin, D. & Leroy, E. (2015) Shape memory starch-clay bionanocomposites. Carbohydr. Polym. 116 307–313.   
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Guidobaldi, G., Cambi, C., Cecconi, M., Comodi, P., Deneele, D., Paris, M., Russo, G., Vitale, E. & Zucchini, A. (2018) Chemo-mineralogical evolution and microstructural modifications of a lime treated pyroclastic soil. Eng. Geol. 245 333–343.   
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Rusch, B., Hanna, K. & Humbert, B. (2010) Coating of quartz silica with iron oxides: Characterization and surface reactivity of iron coating phases. Colloid Surf. A-Physicochem. Eng. Asp. 353 172–180.   
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Vitale, E., Deneele, D. & Russo, G. (2016) Multiscale analysis on the behaviour of a lime treated bentonite. Gottardi, G. & Tonni, L. (Eds.), Vi Italian Conference of Researchers in Geotechnical Engineering, Cnrig2016 - Geotechnical Engineering in Multidisciplinary Research: From Microscale to Regional Scale Amsterdam.   
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Zaidi, L., Bruzaud, S., Kaci, M., Bourmaud, A., Gautier, N. & Grohens, Y. (2013) The effects of gamma irradiation on the morphology and properties of polylactide/Cloisite 30B nanocomposites. Polym. Degrad. Stabil. 98 348–355.   
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