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Albino, M., Clark, L., Lhoste, J., Payen, C., Greneche, J. .-M., Lightfoot, P., Maisonneuve, V. & Leblanc, M. (2017) A magnetisation and Mossbauer study of triazole (M1-x2+Mx3+)M3+ F-5(Htaz)(1-x)(taz)(x) weberites (M = Fe, Co, Mn, Zn, Ga, V). Dalton Trans. 46 5352–5362.   
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Athouel, L., Arcidiacono, P., Ramirez-Castro, C., Crosnier, O., Hamel, C., Dandeville, Y., Guillemet, P., Scudeller, Y., Guay, D., Belanger, D. & Brousse, T. (2012) Investigation of cavity microelectrode technique for electrochemical study with manganese dioxides. Electrochim. Acta, 86 268–276.   
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Bakour, A., Geschier, F., Baitoul, M., Wery, J., Massuyeau, F. & Faulques, E. (2016) Photoexcitations in fully organic nanocomposites of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Mater. Chem. Phys. 171 83–90.   
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Beaudrouet, E., La Salle, L. G. A. & Guyomard, D. (2009) Nanostructured manganese dioxides: Synthesis and properties as supercapacitor electrode materials. Electrochim. Acta, 54 1240–1248.   
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Ben Salah, M., Vilminot, S., Andre, G., Richard-Plouet, M., Mhiri, T., Takagi, S. & Kurmoo, M. (2006) Nuclear and magnetic structures and magnetic properties of the layered cobalt hydroxysulfate Co-5(OH)(6)(SO4)(2)(H2O)(4) and its deuterated analogue, Co-5(OD)(6)(SO4)(2)(D2O). J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128 7972–7981.   
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Bertrand, E., Castany, P. & Gloriant, T. (2014) An alternative way to orient the parent phase in the cubic/orthorhombic martensitic transformation of titanium shape memory alloys. Scr. Mater. 83 41–44.   
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Bolle, P., Albrecht, N., Amiaud, T., Humbert, B., Faulques, E., Dessapt, R. & Serier-Brault, H. (2019) New Robust Luminescent Supramolecular Assemblies Based on [Ln(Mo8O26)(2)](5-) (Ln = Eu, Sm) Polyoxometalates. Inorg. Chem. 58 16322–16325.   
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Bulusheva, L. G., Okotrub, A. V., Flahaut, E., Asanov, I. P., Gevko, P. N., Koroteev, V. O., Fedoseeva, Y. V., Yaya, A. & Ewels, C. P. (2012) Bromination of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Chem. Mat. 24 2708–2715.   
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Bulusheva, L. G., Fedoseeva, Y. V., Okotrub, A. V., Flahaut, E., Asanov, I. P., Koroteev, V. O., Yaya, A., Ewels, C. P., Chuvilin, A. L., Felten, A., Van Lier, G. & Vyalikh, D. V. (2010) Stability of Fluorinated Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Different Fluorination Techniques. Chem. Mat. 22 4197–4203.   
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Coativy, G., Gautier, N., Pontoire, B., Buleon, A., Lourdin, D. & Leroy, E. (2015) Shape memory starch-clay bionanocomposites. Carbohydr. Polym. 116 307–313.   
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Dakhlaoui, A., Smiri, L. S., Babadjian, G., Schoenstein, F., Molinie, P. & Jouini, N. (2008) Controlled elaboration and magnetic properties of submicrometric cobalt fibers. J. Phys. Chem. C, 112 14348–14354.   
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Deneele, D., Le Runigo, B., Cui, Y.-J., Cuisinier, O. & Ferber, V. (2016) Experimental assessment regarding leaching of lime-treated silt. Constr. Build. Mater. 112 1032–1040.   
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Dubarry, M., Gaubicher, J., Guyomard, D., Dupre, N. & Grey, C. (2009) Ultrafast synthesis of Li1+alpha V3O8 gel precursors for lithium battery applications. Solid State Ion. 180 1511–1516.   
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Dupre, N., Martina, J.-F., Guyomard, D., Yamada, A. & Kanno, R. (2009) Characterization of interphases appearing on LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 using Li-7 MAS NMR. J. Power Sources, 189 557–560.   
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Dupre, N., Martin, J.-F., Oliveri, J., Guyomard, D., Yamada, A. & Kanno, R. (2008) Unique control of bulk reactivity by surface phenomena in a positive electrode of lithium battery. Electrochem. Commun. 10 1897–1900.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:58:40 Pop. 0.75%
Eustache, E., Frappier, R., Porto, R. L., Bouhtiyya, S., Pierson, J.-F. & Brousse, T. (2013) Asymmetric electrochemical capacitor microdevice designed with vanadium nitride and nickel oxide thin film electrodes. Electrochem. Commun. 28 104–106.   
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Freitas, D. C., Rodiere, P., Osorio, M. R., Navarro-Moratalla, E., Nemes, N. M., Tissen, V. G., Cario, L., Coronado, E., Garcia-Hernandez, M., Vieira, S., Nunez-Regueiro, M. & Suderow, H. (2016) Strong enhancement of superconductivity at high pressures within the charge-density-wave states of 2H-TaS2 and 2H-TaSe2. Phys. Rev. B, 93 184512.   
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Gaudon, M., Deniard, P., Voisin, L., Lacombe, G., Darnat, F., Demourgues, A., Perillon, J. .-L. & Jobic, S. (2012) How to mimic the thermo-induced red to green transition of ruby with control of the temperature via the use of an inorganic materials blend? Dyes Pigment. 95 344–350.   
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Ghamouss, F., Tessier, P. .-Y., Djouadi, A., Besland, M. .-P. & Boujtita, M. (2007) Screen-printed carbon electrode modified on its surface with amorphous carbon nitride thin film: Electrochemical and morphological study. Electrochim. Acta, 52 5053–5061.   
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Goubard-Bretesche, N., Crosnier, O., Buvat, G., Favier, F. & Brousse, T. (2016) Electrochemical study of aqueous asymmetric FeWO4/MnO2 supercapacitor. J. Power Sources, 326 695–701.   
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Goubard-Bretesche, N., Crosnier, O., Favier, F. & Brousse, T. (2016) Improving the Volumetric Energy Density of Supercapacitors. Electrochim. Acta, 206 458–463.   
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Hamdi, M., Louati, B., Lafond, A., Guillot-Deudon, C., Chrif, B., Khirouni, K., Gargouri, M., Jobic, S. & Hlel, F. (2015) Structural and electrical properties of Cu2Zn(Sn1−xSix)S4 (x = 0, x = 0.5) materials for photovoltaic applications. J. Alloy. Compd. 620 434–441.   
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Hoang, K., Latouche, C. & Jobic, S. (2022) Why is it so difficult to realize Dy4+ in as-synthesized BaZrO3? J. Am. Ceram. Soc.   
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Islam, M. & Saleem, M. R. (2012) Composition-Property Correlation in B2O3-SiO2 Preform Rods Produced Using Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique. J. Mater. Eng. Perform. 21 202–207.   
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Jolivet, V., Morizet, Y., Hamon, J., Paris, M. & Suzuki-Muresan, T. (2021) The influence of iodide on glass transition temperature of high-pressure nuclear waste glasses. J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 104 1360–1369.   
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Krstic, V., Ewels, C. P., Wagberg, T., Ferreira, M. S., Janssens, A. M., Stephan, O. & Glerup, M. (2010) Indirect Magnetic Coupling in Light-Element-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. ACS Nano, 4 5081–5086.   
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Lannelongue, P., Le Vot, S., Fontaine, O., Brousse, T. & Favier, F. (2019) Electrochemical study of asymmetric aqueous supercapacitors based on high density oxides: C/Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta and FeWO4/Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta. Electrochim. Acta, 326 UNSP 134886.   
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Lavenus, S., Trichet, V., Le Chevalier, S., Hoornaert, A., Louarn, G. & Layrolle, P. (2012) Cell differentiation and osseointegration influenced by nanoscale anodized titanium surfaces. Nanomedicine, 7 967–980.   
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Malka, D., Hanna, O., Hauser, T., Hayne, S., Luski, S., Elias, Y., Attias, R., Brousse, T. & Aurbach, D. (2018) Improving the Capacity of Electrochemical Capacitor Electrode by Grafting 2-Aminoanthraquinone over Kynol Carbon Cloth Using Diazonium Chemistry. J. Electrochem. Soc. 165 A3342–A3349.   
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Mariette, C., Trzop, E., Mevellec, J.-Y., Boucekkine, A., Ghoufi, A., Maurin, G., Collet, E., Carmen Munoz, M., Antonio Real, J. & Toudic, B. (2020) Symmetry breakings in a metal organic framework with a confined guest. Phys. Rev. B, 101 134103.   
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Maubec, N., Deneele, D. & Ouvrard, G. (2017) Influence of the clay type on the strength evolution of lime treated material. Appl. Clay Sci. 137 107–114.   
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Mendoza-Sanchez, B., Brousse, T., Ramirez-Castro, C., Nicolosi, V. & Grant, P. S. (2013) An investigation of nanostructured thin film alpha-MoO3 based supercapacitor electrodes in an aqueous electrolyte. Electrochim. Acta, 91 253–260.   
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Nguyen, B. P. N., Mariage, N., Fredon, R., Kelder, E. M. & Lestriez, B. (2015) Manufacturing of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Positive Composite Electrodes with Industry-Relevant Surface Capacities for Lithium Ion-Cells. J. Electrochem. Soc. 162 A1451–A1459.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 18:36:42 Pop. 0.75%
Oberg, S., Adjizian, J. .-J., Erbahar, D., Rio, J., Humbert, B., Dossot, M., Soldatov, A., Lefrant, S., Mevellec, J. .-Y., Briddon, P., Rayson, M. J. & Ewels, C. P. (2016) Effect of functionalization and charging on resonance energy and radial breathing modes of metallic carbon nanotubes. Phys. Rev. B, 93 045408.   
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Permyakova, A., Skrylnyk, O., Courbon, E., Affram, M., Wang, S., Lee, H. U., Valekar, A. H., Nouar, F., Mouchaham, G., Devic, T., De Weireld, G., Chang, J.-S., Steunou, N., Frere, M. & Serre, C. (2017) Synthesis Optimization, Shaping, and Heat Reallocation Evaluation of the Hydrophilic Metal-Organic Framework MIL-160(Al). ChemSusChem, 10 1419–1426.   
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Plujat, B., Glenat, H., Bousquet, A., Frezet, L., Hamon, J., Goullet, A., Tomasella, E., Hernandez, E., Quoizola, S. & Thomas, L. (2020) SiCN:H thin films deposited by MW-PECVD with liquid organosilicon precursor: Gas ratio influence versus properties of the deposits. Plasma Process. Polym. 17 e1900138.   
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Porto, L. R., Frappier, R., Ducros, J. B., Aucher, C., Mosqueda, H., Chenu, S., Chavillon, B., Tessier, F., Chevire, F. & Brousse, T. (2012) Titanium and vanadium oxynitride powders as pseudo-capacitive materials for electrochemical capacitors. Electrochim. Acta, 82 257–262.   
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Richard-Plouet, M., Guillot, M., Vilminot, S., Leuvrey, C., Estournes, C. & Kurmoo, M. (2007) Hcp and fcc nickel nanoparticles prepared from organically functionalized layered phyllosilicates of nickel(II). Chem. Mat. 19 865–871.   
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Saad, A., Rousseau, G., El Moll, H., Oms, O., Mialane, P., Marrot, J., Parent, L., Mbomekalle, I.-M., Dessapt, R. & Dolbecq, A. (2014) Molybdenum Bisphosphonates with Cr(III) or Mn(III) Ions. J. Clust. Sci. 25 795–809.   
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Sakamoto, K., Hirayama, M., Konishi, H., Sonoyama, N., Dupre, N., Guyomard, D., Tamura, K., Mizuki, J. & Kanno, R. (2010) Structural changes in surface and bulk LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 during electrochemical reaction on epitaxial thin-film electrodes characterized by in situ X-ray scattering. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12 3815–3823.   
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