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Christien, F., Telling, M. T. F. & Knight, K. S. (2013) Neutron diffraction in situ monitoring of the dislocation density during martensitic transformation in a stainless steel. Scr. Mater. 68 506–509.   
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Couto, H., Roger, G., Moelo, Y. & Sodre-Borges, F. (2016) Sb and Au mineralizations in the Variscan Durico-Beira area (north Portugal): litho-stratigraphic and structural controls. 16th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geoconference, Sgem 2016: Science and Technologies in Geology, Exploration and Mining, Vol I Sofia.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Boukli-Hacene, F., Molina-Luna, L., Bouts, N., Chauvin, A., Thiry, D., Gautron, E., Gautier, N. & Tessier, P.-Y. (2015) Unusual Dealloying Effect in Gold/Copper Alloy Thin Films: The Role of Defects and Column Boundaries in the Formation of Nanoporous Gold. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7 2310–2321.   
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Fiorito, P. A., Alves, W. A., Bazitoi, F. F. C., El Haber, F., Froyer, G., de Torresi, S. C. I. & Torresi, R. M. (2008) Characterization of anodic silicon oxide films grown in room temperature ionic liquids. Electrochim. Acta, 53 7396–7402.   
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Haidar, Y., Rhallabi, A., Pateau, A., Mokrani, A., Taher, F., Roqueta, F. & Boufnichel, M. (2016) Simulation of cryogenic silicon etching under SF6/O-2/Ar plasma discharge. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, 34 061306.   
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Nawab, Y., Jacquemin, F., Casari, P., Boyard, N., Borjon-Piron, Y. & Sobotka, V. (2013) Study of variation of thermal expansion coefficients in carbon/epoxy laminated composite plates. Compos. Pt. B-Eng. 50 144–149.   
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Verstraete, K., Helbert, A. L., Brisset, F., Benoit, A., Paillard, P. & Baudin, T. (2015) Microstructure, mechanical properties and texture of an AA6061/AA5754 composite fabricated by cross accumulative roll bonding. Mater. Sci. Eng. A-Struct. Mater. Prop. Microstruct. Process. 640 235–242.   
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Vitale, E., Deneele, D., Russo, G., De Sarno, D., Nicotera, M., Papa, R. & Urciuoli, G. (2020) Chemo-mechanical behaviour of lightweight cemented soils. Acta Geotech. 15 933–945.   
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