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Barroux, H., Jiang, T., Paul, C., Massuyeau, F., Geois, R., Gordon, E. E., Whangbo, M.-H., Jobic, S. & Gautier, R. (2017) Fine-Tuning the Properties of Doped Multifunctional Materials by Controlled Reduction of Dopants. Chem.-Eur. J. 23 2998–3001.   
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Belaidi, H., Rauch, F., Zhang, Z., Latouche, C., Boucekkine, A., Marder, T. B. & Halet, J.-F. (2020) Insights into the Optical Properties of Triarylboranes with Strongly Electron-Accepting Bis(fluoromesityl)boryl Groups: when Theory Meets Experiment. Chemphotochem, 4 173–180.   
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Faulques, E., Ivanov, V. G., Jonusauskas, G., Athalin, H., Pyshkin, O., Wery, J., Massuyeau, F. & Lefrant, S. (2006) Ultrafast photoluminescence spectroscopy of exciton-exciton annihilation in oligoaniline films with nanoscale ordering. Phys. Rev. B, 74 075202.   
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Gautier, R., Li, X., Xia, Z. & Massuyeau, F. (2017) Two-Step Design of a Single-Doped White Phosphor with High Color Rendering. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 1436–1439.   
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Hoang, K., Latouche, C. & Jobic, S. (2022) Why is it so difficult to realize Dy4+ in as-synthesized BaZrO3? J. Am. Ceram. Soc.   
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Khenfouch, M., Bajjou, O., Baitoul, M., Mongwaketsi, N., Maaza, M. & Venturini, W. J. (2015) Optical properties and dynamics excitation relaxation in reduced graphene oxide functionalized with nanostructured porphyrins. Opt. Mater. 42 479–483.   
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Massuyeau, F., Perry, D. L., Kalashnyk, N. & Faulques, E. (2017) Spectroscopic markers for uranium(VI) phosphates. Part II: the use of time-resolved photoluminescence. RSC Adv. 7 919–926.   
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Mulazzi, E., Galli, D. E., Lefrant, S., Wery, J., Massuyeau, F. & Faulques, E. (2016) Dynamics of charge migration in poly(para-phenylene vinylene) films and nanocomposites with single walled carbon nanotubes. J. Phys.-Condes. Matter, 28 045304.   
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