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Achour, A., Aissa, A. K., Mbarek, M., El Hadj, K., Ouldhamadouche, N., Barreau, N., Le Brizoual, L. & Djouadi, M. A. (2013) Enhancement of near-band edge photoluminescence of ZnO film buffered with TiN. Thin Solid Films, 538 71–77.   
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Chala, A., Nouveau, C., Djouadi, M. A., Steyer, P., Millet, J. P., Saied, C., Aida, M. S. & Lambertin, M. (2006) Effect of duplex treatments by plasma nitriding and triode sputtering on corrosion behaviour of 32CDV13 low alloy steel. Surf. Coat. Technol. 200 6568–6571.   
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Chretien, J.-M., Mallinger, A., Zammattio, F., Le Grognec, E., Paris, M., Montavon, G. & Quintard, J.-P. (2007) Evaluation of polymer-supported vinyltin reagents in the Stille cross-coupling reaction. Tetrahedron Lett. 48 1781–1785.   
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Chretien, J.-M., Zammattio, F., Gauthier, D., Le Grognec, E., Paris, M. & Quintard, J.-P. (2006) Preparation of allyltin reagents grafted on solid support: Clean and easily recyclable reagents for allylation of aldehydes. Chem.-Eur. J. 12 6816–6828.   
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Coeffard, V., Beaudet, I., Evain, M., Le Grognec, E. & Quintard, J.-P. (2008) Preparation and transmetallation of enantioenriched alpha-aminoorganostannanes derived from N-Boc phenylglycinol: Application to the synthesis of alafosfalin. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 3344–3351.   
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Doussier, C., Moelo, Y., Leone, P., Meerschaut, A. & Evain, M. (2007) Crystal structure of Pb2SbS2I3, and re-examination of the crystal chemistry within the group of (Pb/Sn/Sb-) chalcogeno-iodides. Solid State Sci. 9 792–803.   
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Evrard, C., Fouquet, Y., Moelo, Y., Rinnert, E., Etoubleau, J. & Langlade, J. A. (2015) Tin concentration in hydrothermal sulphides related to ultramafic rocks along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: a mineralogical study. Eur. J. Mineral. 27 627–638.   
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Fabrichnyi, P. B., Afanasov, M. I. & Danot, M. (2008) 5s5p element dopant cations: Mossbauer probes for studying chemical reactions at the solid-gas interface. Russ. J. Gen. Chem. 78 1060–1069.   
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Freixas, J., Eustache, E., Roussel, P., Brillard, C., Deresmes, D., Nuns, N., Rolland, N., Brousse, T. & Lethien, C. (2015) Sputtered Titanium Nitride: A Bifunctional Material for Li-Ion Microbatteries. J. Electrochem. Soc. 162 A493–A500.   
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Kabbour, H., Cario, L., Danot, M. & Meerschaut, A. (2006) Design of a new family of inorganic compounds Ae(2)F(2)SnX(3) (Ae = Sr, Ba; x = S, Se) using rock salt and fluorite 2D building blocks. Inorg. Chem. 45 917–922.   
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Kerric, G., Le Grognec, E., Zammattio, F., Paris, M. & Quintard, J.-P. (2010) Use of polymer-supported phenyltin for the creation of aryl-aryl or aryl-heteroaryl bonds via Stille cross-coupling reactions. J. Organomet. Chem. 695 103–110.   
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Lhoste, J., Galven, C., Leblanc, M., Maisonneuve, V., Rocquefelte, X., Jobic, S. & Bujoli-Doeuff, M. (2013) Crystal structure and optical properties of new 0D-hybrid hydroxyfluorotitanates. Solid State Sci. 24 101–106.   
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Paar, W. H., Moelo, Y., Mozgova, N. N., Organova, N. I., Stanley, C. J., Roberts, A. C., Culetto, F. J., Effenberger, H. S., Topa, D., Putz, H., Sureda, R. J. & de Brodtkorb, M. K. (2008) Coiraite, (Pb,Sn2+)(12.5)As3Fe2+Sn54+S28: a franckeite-type new mineral species from Jujuy Province, NW Argentina. Mineral. Mag. 72 1083–1101.   
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Pinheiro, D., Vieira, M. T. & Djouadi, M. .-A. (2009) Advantages of depositing multilayer coatings for cutting wood-based products. Surf. Coat. Technol. 203 3197–3205.   
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Soltani, A., Talbi, A., Gerbedoen, J. .-C., De Jaeger, J. .-C., Pernod, P., Mortet, V. & Bassam, A. (2014) Theoretical and experimental investigation of Lamb waves characteristics in AlN/TiN and AlN/TiN/NCD composite membranes. 2014 Ieee International Ultrasonics Symposium (ius), 2047–2050.   
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