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Bigeon, J., Huby, N., Duvail, J.-L. & Beche, B. (2014) Injection and waveguiding properties in SU8 nanotubes for sub-wavelength regime propagation and nanophotonics integration. Nanoscale, 6 5309–5314.   
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Granier, A., Begou, T., Makaoui, K., Soussou, A., Beche, B., Gaviot, E., Besland, M.-P. & Goullet, A. (2009) Influence of Ion Bombardment and Annealing on the Structural and Optical Properties of TiOx Thin Films Deposited in Inductively Coupled TTIP/O-2 Plasma. Plasma Process. Polym. 6 S741–S745.   
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Huby, N., Bigeon, J., Danion, G., Duvail, J.-L., Gouttefangeas, F., Joanny, L. & Beche, B. (2015) Transferable Integrated Optical SU8 Devices: From Micronic Waveguides to 1D-Nanostructures. Micromachines, 6 544–553.   
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Huby, N., Bigeon, J., Lagneaux, Q., Amela-Cortes, M., Garreau, A., Molard, Y., Fade, J., Desert, A., Faulques, E., Beche, B., Duvail, J.-L. & Cordier, S. (2016) Facile design of red-emitting waveguides using hybrid nanocomposites made of inorganic clusters dispersed in SUS photoresist host. Opt. Mater. 52 196–202.   
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Huby, N., Duvail, J. L., Duval, D., Pluchon, D. & Beche, B. (2011) Light propagation in single mode polymer nanotubes integrated on photonic circuits. Appl. Phys. Lett. 99 113302.   
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