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Amiaud, T., Stephant, N., Dessapt, R. & Serier-Brault, H. (2021) Microwave-assisted synthesis of anhydrous lanthanide-based coordination polymers built upon benzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarboxylic acid. Polyhedron, 204 115261.   
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Bazzan, I., Bolle, P., Oms, O., Salmi, H., Aubry-Barroca, N., Dolbecq, A., Serier-Brault, H., Dessapt, R., Roger, P. & Mialane, P. (2017) The design of new photochromic polymers incorporating covalently or ionically linked spiropyran/polyoxometalate hybrids. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5 6343–6351.   
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Behrh, G. K., Serier-Brault, H., Jobic, S. & Gautier, R. (2015) A Chemical Route Towards Single-Phase Materials with Controllable Photoluminescence. Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 54 11501–11503.   
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Behrh, G. K., Isobe, M., Massuyeau, F., Serier-Brault, H., Gordon, E. E., Koo, H.-J., Whangbo, M.-H., Gautier, R. & Jobic, S. (2017) Oxygen-Vacancy-Induced Midgap States Responsible for the Fluorescence and the Long-Lasting Phosphorescence of the Inverse Spinel Mg(Mg,Sn)O-4. Chem. Mat. 29 1069–1075.   
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Behrh, G. K., Gautier, R., Latouche, C., Jobic, S. & Serier-Brault, H. (2016) Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Ca2Ga2SiO7:Eu3+ Red Phosphors with an Intense D-5(0) -> F-7(4) Transition. Inorg. Chem. 55 9144–9146.   
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Bolle, P., Albrecht, N., Amiaud, T., Humbert, B., Faulques, E., Dessapt, R. & Serier-Brault, H. (2019) New Robust Luminescent Supramolecular Assemblies Based on [Ln(Mo8O26)(2)](5-) (Ln = Eu, Sm) Polyoxometalates. Inorg. Chem. 58 16322–16325.   
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Bolle, P., Serier-Brault, H., Boulmier, A., Puget, M., Menet, C., Oms, O., Marrot, J., Mialane, P., Dolbecq, A. & Dessapt, R. (2018) Polymorphism and Structural Filiations in Five New Organic - Inorganic Hybrid Salts of the Heteroleptic Cationic Iridium(III) Complex and Polyoxometalates. Crystal Growth & Design, 18 7426–7434.   
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Bolle, P., Cheret, Y., Roiland, C., Sanguinet, L., Faulques, E., Serier-Brault, H., Bouit, P.-A., Hissler, M. & Dessapt, R. (2019) Strong Solid-state Luminescence Enhancement in Supramolecular Assemblies of Polyoxometalate and "Aggregation-Induced Emission"-active Phospholium. Chemistry-an Asian Journal, 14 1642–1646.   
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Dridi, H., Boulmier, A., Bolle, P., Dolbecq, A., Rebilly, J.-N., Banse, F., Ruhlmann, L., Serier-Brault, H., Dessapt, R., Mialane, P. & Oms, O. (2020) Directing the solid-state photochromic and luminescent behaviors of spiromolecules with Dawson and Anderson polyoxometalate units. J. Mater. Chem. C, 8 637–649.   
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Fischer, J., Mele, L., Serier-Brault, H., Nun, P. & Coeffard, V. (2019) Controlling Photooxygenation with a Bifunctional Quinine-BODIPY Catalyst: towards Asymmetric Hydroxylation of beta-Dicarbonyl Compounds. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2019 6352–6358.   
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Fischer, J., Serier-Brault, H., Nun, P. & Coeffard, V. (2020) Substrate-Selectivity in Catalytic Photooxygenation Processes Using a Quinine-BODIPY System. Synlett, 31 463–468.   
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Hakouk, K., Lajaunie, L., El Bekkachi, H., Serier-Brault, H., Humbert, B., Arenal, R. & Dessapt, R. (2018) Plasmonic properties of an Ag@Ag2Mo2O7 hybrid nanostructure easily designed by solid-state photodeposition from very thin Ag2Mo2O7 nanowires. J. Mater. Chem. C, 6 11086–11095.   
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Kama, A. B., Dessapt, R., Serier-Brault, H., Sidibe, M., Diop, C. A. K. & Gautier, R. (2017) Stabilization of beta-octamolybdate with large counterions. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1141 698–702.   
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Menet, C., Serier-Brault, H., Oms, O., Dolbecq, A., Marrot, J., Saad, A., Mialane, P., Jobic, S., Deniard, P. & Dessapt, R. (2015) Influence of electronic vs. steric factors on the solid-state photochromic performances of new polyoxometalate/spirooxazine and spiropyran hybrid materials. RSC Adv. 5 79635–79643.   
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N'Dala-Louika, I., Ananias, D., Latouche, C., Dessapt, R., Carlos, L. D. & Serier-Brault, H. (2017) Ratiometric mixed Eu-Tb metal-organic framework as a new cryogenic luminescent thermometer. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5 10933–10937.   
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Oms, O., Benali, T., Marrot, J., Mialane, P., Puget, M., Serier-Brault, H., Deniard, P., Dessapt, R. & Dolbecq, A. (2015) Fully Oxidized and Mixed-Valent Polyoxomolybdates Structured by Bisphosphonates with Pendant Pyridine Groups: Synthesis, Structure and Photochromic Properties. Inorganics, 3 279–294.   
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Saad, A., Oms, O., Dolbecq, A., Menet, C., Dessapt, R., Serier-Brault, H., Allard, E., Baczko, K. & Mialane, P. (2015) A high fatigue resistant, photoswitchable fluorescent spiropyran-polyoxometalate-BODIPY single-molecule. Chem. Commun. 51 16088–16091.   
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Saad, A., Zhu, W., Rousseau, G., Mialane, P., Marrot, J., Haouas, M., Taulelle, F., Dessapt, R., Serier-Brault, H., Riviere, E., Kubo, T., Oldfield, E. & Dolbecq, A. (2015) Polyoxomolybdate Bisphosphonate Heterometallic Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and Activity on a Breast Cancer Cell Line. Chem.-Eur. J. 21 10537–10547.   
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Salomon, W., Dolbecq, A., Roch-Marchal, C., Paille, G., Dessapt, R., Mialane, P. & Serier-Brault, H. (2018) A Multifunctional Dual-Luminescent Polyoxometalate@Metal-Organic Framework EuW10@UiO-67 Composite as Chemical Probe and Temperature Sensor. Frontiers in Chemistry, 6 425.   
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Sarthou, J., Aballea, P., Patriarche, G., Serier-Brault, H., Suganuma, A., Gredin, P. & Mortier, M. (2016) Wet-Route Synthesis and Characterization of Yb:CaF2 Optical Ceramics. J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 99 1992–2000.   
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Serier-Brault, H., Thibault, L., Legrain, M., Deniard, P., Rocquefelte, X., Leone, P., Perillon, J.-L., Le Bris, S., Waku, J. & Jobic, S. (2014) Thermochromism in Yttrium Iron Garnet Compounds. Inorg. Chem. 53 12378–12383.   
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Trannoy, V., Neto, A. C. N., Brites, C. D. S., Carlos, L. D. & Serier-Brault, H. (2021) Engineering of Mixed Eu3+/Tb3+ Metal-Organic Frameworks Luminescent Thermometers with Tunable Sensitivity. Advanced Optical Materials, 9 2001938.   
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Trannoy, V., N'Dala-Louika, I., Lhoste, J., Devic, T. & Serier-Brault, H. (2021) Lanthanide Isophthalate Metal-Organic Frameworks: Crystal Structure, Thermal Behavior, and White Luminescence. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2021 398–404.   
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Viravaux, C., Oms, O., Dolbecq, A., Nassar, E., Busson, L., Mellot-Draznieks, C., Dessapt, R., Serier-Brault, H. & Mialane, P. (2021) Temperature sensors based on europium polyoxometalate and mesoporous terbium metal-organic framework. J. Mater. Chem. C,   
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