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Amiaud, T., Stephant, N., Dessapt, R. & Serier-Brault, H. (2021) Microwave-assisted synthesis of anhydrous lanthanide-based coordination polymers built upon benzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarboxylic acid. Polyhedron, 204 115261.   
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Bagghi, A., Ghena, R., Gautier, N., Stephant, N., Deniard, P. & Dessapt, R. (2022) New alkali lanthanide-free polyoxometalates with remarkable water-responsive turn-off-turn-on luminescence properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry C,   
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Blumentritt, F., Fritsch, E., Stephant, N., Karampelas, S., Delaunay, A., Caplan, C. & Notari, F. (2023) A New Reconstructed Turquoise Imitation Composed of Turquoise Powder with a PMMA (Acrylic) Binder. Journal of Gemmology, 38 443–446.   
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Boucard, J., Boudjemaa, R., Steenkeste, K., Jacqueline, C., Stephant, N., Lefevre, F.-X., Laurent, A. D., Lartigue, L., Hulin, P., Nedellec, S., Fontaine-Aupart, M.-P. & Ishow, E. (2018) Phosphonic Acid Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for High-Contrast and Selective Staining of Gram-Positive Bacteria. Acs Omega, 3 17392–17402.   
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Cattin, L., Louarn, G., Arzel, L., Stephant, N., Morsli, M. & Bernede, J. C. (2021) Power Conversion Efficiency Improvement of Planar Organic Photovoltaic Cells Using an Original Hybrid Electron-Transporting Layer. Acs Omega, 6 6614–6622.   
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Challali, F., Touam, T., Bockelee, V., Chauveau, T., Chelouche, A., Stephant, N., Hamon, J. & Besland, M.-P. (2023) Comprehensive characterization of Al-doped ZnO thin films deposited in confocal radio frequency magnetron co-sputtering. Thin Solid Films, 780 139947.   
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Chauvin, A., Stephant, N., Du, K., Ding, J., Wathuthanthri, I., Choi, C.-H., Tessier, P.-Y. & El Mel, A.-A. (2017) Large-Scale Fabrication of Porous Gold Nanowires via Laser Interference Lithography and Dealloying of Gold-Silver Nano-Alloys. Micromachines, 8 168.   
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Doux, J.-M., Stephant, N., La Salle, A. L. G., Joubert, O., Guyomard, D. & Quarez, E. (2019) New KRb2Sb4BO13 and Rb3Sb4BO13 compounds prepared by Rb+/K+ ion exchange from the K3Sb4BO13 ion conductor. Crystengcomm, 21 594–601.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Gautier, R., Stephant, N., Tessier, P.-Y. & Haik, Y. (2019) Patterning of silver on the micro- and nano-scale by local oxidation using air plasma. Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects, 19 100320.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Chettab, M., Gautron, E., Chauvin, A., Humbert, B., Mevellec, J.-Y., Delacote, C., Thiry, D., Stephant, N., Ding, J., Du, K., Choi, C.-H. & Tessier, P.-Y. (2016) Galvanic Replacement Reaction: A Route to Highly Ordered Bimetallic Nanotubes. J. Phys. Chem. C, 120 17652–17659.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Stephant, N., Hamon, J., Thiry, D., Chauvin, A., Chettab, M., Gautron, E., Konstantinidis, S., Granier, A. & Tessier, P.-Y. (2016) Creating nanoporosity in silver nanocolumns by direct exposure to radio-frequency air plasma. Nanoscale, 8 141–148.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Stephant, N., Molina-Luna, L., Gautron, E., Haik, Y., Tabet, N., Tessier, P.-Y. & Gautier, R. (2017) Kirkendall Effect vs Corrosion of Silver Nanocrystals by Atomic Oxygen: From Solid Metal Silver to Nanoporous Silver Oxide. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 19497–19504.   
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El Mel, A.-A., Stephant, N. & Gautier, R. (2016) Direct nanopatterning of polymer/silver nanoblocks under low energy electron beam irradiation. Nanoscale, 8 17108–17112.   
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Essani, M., Charbonnier, B., Stephant, N., Moussi, H., Weiss, P., Le Bideau, J. & Abellan, P. (2023) Probing the microporosity and 3D spatial distribution of calcium phosphate cement/hydrogel biomaterials using FIB/SEM at cryogenic temperatures. MATERIALS ADVANCES, 4 2474–2486.   
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Grissa, R., Fernandez, V., Fairley, N., Hamon, J., Stephant, N., Rolland, J., Bouchet, R., Lecuyer, M., Deschamps, M., Guyomard, D. & Moreau, P. (2018) XPS and SEM-EDX Study of Electrolyte Nature Effect on Li Electrode in Lithium Metal Batteries. Acs Applied Energy Materials, 1 5694–5702.   
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Hedjazi, L., Guessasma, S., Belhabib, S. & Stephant, N. (2022) On the Mechanical Performance of Polylactic Material Reinforced by Ceramic in Fused Filament Fabrication. Polymers, 14 2924.   
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Hedjazi, L., Belhabib, S., Stephant, N., Durand, S. & Guessasma, S. (2023) Effects of Microstructural Arrangement on the Mechanical Behavior of 3D Printed Polyamide. Symmetry, 15 2119.   
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Jouikov, V., Stephant, N., Poizot, P. & Simonet, J. (2015) The silver-graphene electrode. Building, stability, and catalytic efficiency. Electrochem. Commun. 51 125–128.   
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Lamkaouane, H., Ftouhi, H., Richard-Plouet, M., Gautier, N., Stephant, N., Zazoui, M., Addou, M., Cattin, L., Bernede, J. C., Mir, Y. & Louarn, G. (2022) Efficient and Facile Synthetic Route of MoO3:MoS2 Hybrid Thin Layer via Oxidative Reaction of MoS2 Nanoflakes. Nanomaterials, 12 3171.   
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Makha, M., Cattin, L., Djobo, S. O., Stephant, N., Langlois, N., Angleraud, B., Morsli, M., Addou, M. & Bernede, J.-C. (2012) Effect of the nature of the anode buffer layer - MoO3, Cul or MoO3/Cul - on the performances of organic solar cells based on oligothiophene thin films deposited by sublimation. Eur. Phys. J.-Appl. Phys, 60 31302.   
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Marchand, G., Guilminot, E., Lemoine, S., Rossetti, L., Vieau, M. & Stephant, N. (2014) Degradation of archaeological horn silver artefacts in burials. Heritage Science, 2 5.   
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Mitronika, M., Profili, J., Goullet, A., Gautier, N., Stephant, N., Stafford, L., Granier, A. & Richard-Plouet, M. (2021) TiO2-SiO2 nanocomposite thin films deposited by direct liquid injection of colloidal solution in an O-2/HMDSO low-pressure plasma. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54 085206.   
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Poizot, P., Humbert, B., Ewels, C. P., Mevellec, J.-Y., Stephant, N. & Simonet, J. (2016) Facile route to gold-graphene electrodes by exfoliation of natural graphite under electrochemical conditions. Carbon, 107 823–830.   
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Rondeau, B., Devouard, B., Jacob, D., Roussel, P., Stephant, N., Boulet, C., Molle, V., Corre, M., Fritsch, E., Ferraris, C. & Parodi, G. C. (2019) Lasnierite, (Ca,Sr)(Mg,Fe)(2)Al(PO4)(3), a new phosphate accompanying lazulite from Mt. Ibity, Madagascar: an example of structural characterization from dynamical refinement of precession electron diffraction data on submicrometre sample. European Journal of Mineralogy, 31 379–388.   
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Sellier, D. & Stephant, N. (2017) Submicrometric metrology applied to SEM characterization of erosion processes on quartz and quartzites. Geomorphologie-Relief Processus Environnement, 23 51–81.   
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Snell, K. E., Stephant, N., Pansu, R. B., Audibert, J.-F., Lagugne-Labarthet, F. & Ishow, E. (2014) Nanoparticle Organization through Photoinduced Bulk Mass Transfer. Langmuir, 30 2926–2935.   
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Stal, S., Huitorel, B., Coustham, T., Stephant, N., Massuyeau, F., Gacoin, T., Bouteiller, L. & Perruchas, S. (2022) Photoactive CuI-Cross-Linked Polyurethane Materials. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces,   
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Stephant, N., Rondeau, B., Gauthier, J.-P., Cody, J. A. & Fritsch, E. (2014) Investigation of Hidden Periodic Structures on SEM Images of Opal-Like Materials Using FFT and IFFT. Scanning, 36 487–499.   
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Stephant, N., Grissa, R., Guillou, F., Bretaudeau, M., Borjon-Piron, Y., Guillet, J. & Moreau, P. (2018) New airtight transfer box for SEM experiments: Application to lithium and sodium metals observation and analyses. Micron, 110 10–17.   
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Thiry, D., Molina-Luna, L., Gautron, E., Stephant, N., Chauvin, A., Du, K., Ding, J., Choi, C.-H., Tessier, P.-Y. & El Mel, A.-A. (2015) The Kirkendall Effect in Binary Alloys: Trapping Gold in Copper Oxide Nanoshells. Chem. Mat. 27 6374–6384.   
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Thiry, D., Chauvin, A., El Mel, A.-A., Cardinaud, C., Hamon, J., Gautron, E., Stephant, N., Granier, A. & Tessier, P.-Y. (2017) Tailoring the chemistry and the nano-architecture of organic thin films using cold plasma processes. Plasma Processes and Polymers, 14 e1700042.   
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Utrera-Melero, R., Mevellec, J.-Y., Gautier, N., Stephant, N., Massuyeau, F. & Perruchas, S. (2019) Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties of Copper Iodide Clusters. Chemistry-an Asian Journal, 14 3166–3172.   
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Utrera-Melero, R., Huitorel, B., Cordier, M., Massuyeau, F., Mevellec, J.-Y., Stephant, N., Deniard, P., Latouche, C., Martineau-Corcos, C. & Perruchas, S. (2021) Mechanically responsive luminescent films based on copper iodide clusters. J. Mater. Chem. C,   
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Zykwinska, A., Makshakova, O., Gélébart, P., Sinquin, C., Stephant, N., Colliec-Jouault, S., Perez, S. & Cuenot, S. (2022) Interactions between infernan and calcium: From the molecular level to the mechanical properties of microgels. Carbohydrate Polymers, 292 119629.   
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