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Bachar, A., Bousquet, A., Mehdi, H., Monier, G., Robert-Goumet, C., Thomas, L., Belmahi, M., Goullet, A., Sauvage, T. & Tomasella, E. (2018) Composition and optical properties tunability of hydrogenated silicon carbonitride thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering. Applied Surface Science, 444 293–302.   
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Bargiela, P., Fernandez, V., Cardinaud, C., Walton, J., Greiner, M., Morgan, D., Fairley, N. & Baltrusaitis, J. (2021) Towards a reliable assessment of charging effects during surface analysis: Accurate spectral shapes of ZrO2 and Pd/ZrO2 via X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. Applied Surface Science, 566 150728.   
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Bechu, S., Humbert, B., Fernandez, V., Fairley, N. & Richard-Plouet, M. (2018) Vectorial method used to monitor an evolving system: Titanium oxide thin films under UV illumination. Applied Surface Science, 447 528–534.   
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Benmoumen, A., David, M.-L., Gautron, E., Hurand, S., Tangui, S., Loupias, L., Habrioux, A., Celerier, S., Moreau, P. & Mauchamp, V. (2024) Structural and property engineering of 2D titanium carbides (MXene) thin films using ion irradiation. Applied Surface Science, 652 159206.   
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Cemin, F., Girard, A. & Cardinaud, C. (2023) On the low temperature limits for cryogenic etching: A quasi in situ XPS study. Applied Surface Science, 637 157941.   
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Chen, D., Zhang, J., Barreau, M., Turczyniak-Surdacka, S., Joubert, O., La Salle, A. L. G. & Zafeiratos, S. (2023) Ni-doped CeO2 nanoparticles to promote and restore the performance of Ni/YSZ cathodes for CO2 electroreduction. Applied Surface Science, 611 155767.   
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Fernandez, V., Fairley, N. & Baltrusaitis, J. (2021) Unraveling spectral shapes of adventitious carbon on gold using a time-resolved high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and principal component analysis. Applied Surface Science, 538 148031.   
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Fernandez, V., Morgan, D., Bargiela, P., Fairley, N. & Baltrusaitis, J. (2023) Combining PCA and nonlinear fitting of peak models to re-evaluate C 1s XPS spectrum of cellulose. Applied Surface Science, 614 156182.   
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Harel, S., Jonnard, P., Lepetit, T., Arzel, L. & Barreau, N. (2019) Impact of KF-post deposition treatment on Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 surface and Cu(In, Ga)Se-2/CdS interface sulfurization. Applied Surface Science, 473 1062–1065.   
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Keraudy, J., Boyd, R. D., Shimizu, T., Helmersson, U. & Jouan, P. .-Y. (2018) Phase separation within NiSiN coatings during reactive HiPIMS discharges: A new pathway to grow NixSi nanocrystals composites at low temperature. Applied Surface Science, 454 148–156.   
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Li, D., Gautier, N., Dey, B., Bulou, S., Richard-Plouet, M., Ravisy, W., Goullet, A., Choquet, P. & Granier, A. (2019) TEM analysis of photocatalytic TiO2 thin films deposited on polymer substrates by low-temperature ICP-PECVD. Applied Surface Science, 491 116–122.   
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Li, D., Bulou, S., Gautier, N., Elisabeth, S., Goullet, A., Richard-Plouet, M., Choquet, P. & Granier, A. (2019) Nanostructure and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 films deposited at low temperature by pulsed PECVD. Applied Surface Science, 466 63–69.   
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Liu, F., Nguyen, T.-P., Wang, Q., Massuyeau, F., Dan, Y. & Jiang, L. (2019) Construction of Z-scheme g-C3N4/Ag/P3HT heterojunction for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline (TC) and methyl orange (MO). Applied Surface Science, 496 UNSP 143653.   
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Meyer, T., Girard, A., LeDain, G., Rhallabi, A., Baudet, E., Nazabal, V., Nemec, P. & Cardinaud, C. (2021) Surface composition and micromasking effect during the etching of amorphous Ge-Sb-Se thin films in SF6 and SF6 /Ar plasmas. Applied Surface Science, 549 149192.   
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Mitronika, M., Villeneuve-Faure, C., Massol, F., Boudou, L., Ravisy, W., Besland, M. P., Goullet, A. & Richard-Plouet, M. (2021) TiO2-SiO2 mixed oxide deposited by low pressure PECVD: Insights on optical and nanoscale electrical properties. Applied Surface Science, 541 148510.   
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Prabakaran, K., Jayasakthi, M., Surender, S., Pradeep, S., Sanjay, S., Ramesh, R., Balaji, M., Gautier, N. & Baskar, K. (2019) Structural, morphological, optical and electrical characterization of InGaN/GaN MQW structures for optoelectronic applications. Applied Surface Science, 476 993–999.   
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Tsoulka, P., Harel, S., Arzel, L., Weber, A., Niesen, T., Reyes-Figueroa, P., ElAnzeery, H., Dalibor, T. & Barreau, N. (2023) RbF-related post-deposition treatments on Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 absorbers: The role of the chalcogen atmosphere. Applied Surface Science, 614 155830.   
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