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Assi, H., Perez, L. P. C., Mouchaham, G., Ragon, F., Nasalevich, M., Guillou, N., Martineau, C., Chevreau, H., Kapteijn, F., Gascon, J., Fertey, P., Elkaim, E., Serre, C. & Devic, T. (2016) Investigating the Case of Titanium(IV) Carboxyphenolate Photoactive Coordination Polymers. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 55 7192–7199.   
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Bauer, S., Marrot, J., Devic, T., Ferey, G. & Stock, N. (2007) {[Cd-3(H2O)(3)((O3PCH2)(2)NH-CH2C6H4-COOH)(2)]center dot 11 H2O: A layered cadmium phosphonate with reversible Dehydration/Hydration properties}. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 46 9998–10002.   
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Bauer, S., Serre, C., Devic, T., Horcajada, P., Marrot, J., Ferey, G. & Stock, N. (2008) High-throughput assisted rationalization of the formation of metal organic frameworks in the iron(III) aminoterephthalate solvothermal system. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 47 7568–7576.   
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Casarin, M., Devic, T., Famengo, A., Forrer, D., Gross, S., Tondello, E. & Vittadini, A. (2010) Molecular, Electronic, and Crystal Structures of Self-Assembled Hydrothermally Synthesized Zn(II)-Mercaptonicotinate: A Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approach. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 49 4099–4108.   
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Devic, T., Batail, P., Fourmigue, M. & Avarvari, N. (2004) Unexpected reactivity of PdCl2 and PtCl2 complexes of the unsaturated diphosphine o-Me2TTF(PPh2)(2) toward chloride abstraction with thallium triflate. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 43 3136–3141.   
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Nguyen, T. L. A., Demir-Cakan, R., Devic, T., Morcrette, M., Ahnfeldt, T., Auban-Senzier, P., Stock, N., Goncalves, A.-M., Filinchuk, Y., Tarascon, J.-M. & Ferey, G. (2010) 3-D Coordination Polymers Based on the Tetrathiafulvalenetetracarboxylate (TTF-TC) Derivative: Synthesis, Characterization, and Oxidation Issues. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 49 7135–7143.   
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Nguyen, T. L. A., Devic, T., Mialane, P., Riviere, E., Sonnauer, A., Stock, N., Demir-Cakan, R., Morcrette, M., Livage, C., Marrot, J., Tarascon, J.-M. & Ferey, G. (2010) Reinvestigation of the M-II (M = Ni, Co)/TetraThiafulvaleneTetraCarboxylate System Using High-Throughput Methods: Isolation of a Molecular Complex and Its Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Transformation to a Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymer. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 49 10710–10717.   
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Ragon, F., Horcajada, P., Chevreau, H., Hwang, Y. K., Lee, U.-H., Miller, S. R., Devic, T., Chang, J.-S. & Serre, C. (2014) In Situ Energy-Dispersive X-ray Diffraction for the Synthesis Optimization and Scale-up of the Porous Zirconium Terephthalate UiO-66. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 53 2491–2500.   
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