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Ben Amor, S., Said, A. H., Chemek, M., Massuyeau, F., Wery, J., Faulques, E., Alimi, K. & Roudesli, S. (2012) Synthesis and Optical Study of a New Oligophenylene. Polymers, 4 1226–1241.   
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Foran, G., Verdier, N., Lepage, D., Malveau, C., Dupre, N. & Dolle, M. (2021) Use of Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy for the Characterization of Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Solid Polymer and Hybrid Electrolytes. Polymers, 13.   
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Hedjazi, L., Guessasma, S., Belhabib, S. & Stephant, N. (2022) On the Mechanical Performance of Polylactic Material Reinforced by Ceramic in Fused Filament Fabrication. Polymers, 14 2924.   
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Jessop, I. A., Diaz, F. R., Terraza, C. A., Tundidor-Camba, A., Leiva, A., Cattin, L. & Bernede, J.-C. (2018) PANI Branches onto Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Electroluminescent Properties of New 2D-Materials. Polymers, 10 553.   
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Toullec, C., Le Bideau, J., Geoffroy, V., Halgand, B., Buchtova, N., Molina-Peña, R., Garcion, E., Avril, S., Sindji, L., Dube, A., Boury, F. & Jerome, C. (2021) Curdlan-Chitosan Electrospun Fibers as Potential Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration. Polymers, 13 526.   
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