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Rybkovskiy, D. V., Impellizzeri, A., Obraztsova, E. D. & Ewels, C. P. (2019) Polyiodide structures in thin single-walled carbon nanotubes: A large-scale density-functional study. Carbon, 142 123–130.   
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Sairi, A. S., Kuwahara, K., Sasaki, S., Suzuki, S., Igawa, K., Tokita, M., Ando, S., Morokuma, K., Suenobu, T. & Konishi, G.-I. (2019) Synthesis of fluorescent polycarbonates with highly twisted N,N-bis(dialkylamino)anthracene AIE luminogens in the main chain. Rsc Advances, 9 21733–21740.   
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Samuely, P., Szabo, P., Kacmarcik, J., Meerschaut, A., Cario, L., Jansen, A. G. M., Cren, T., Kuzmiak, M., Šofranko, O. & Samuely, T. (2021) Extreme in-plane upper critical magnetic fields of heavily doped quasi-two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides. Phys. Rev. B, 104 224507.   
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Sarr, B., Mbaye, A., Diop, C. A. K., Sidibe, M., Melin, F., Hellwig, P., Maury, F., Senocq, F., Guionneau, P., Giorgi, M. & Gautier, R. (2019) One pot-synthesis of the fourth category of dinuclear molybdenum(VI) oxalate series: Structure and study of thermal and redox properties. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 491 84–92.   
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Sarr, B., Mbaye, A., Diop, C. A. K., Sidibe, M., Melin, F., Hellwig, P., Maury, F., Charvillat, C., Giorgi, M., Michaud, F. & Dessapt, R. (2021) Two new inorganic-organic hybrid materials based on beta- and gamma- octamolybdate clusters: Synthesis, structure determination and solid-state photochromic properties. Polyhedron, 194 114919.   
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Sasaki, S., Caldes, M. T., Guillot-Deudon, C., Braems, I., Steciuk, G., Palatinus, L., Gautron, E., Frapper, G., Janod, E., Corraze, B., Jobic, S. & Cario, L. (2021) Design of metastable oxychalcogenide phases by topochemical (de)intercalation of sulfur in La2O2S2. Nat Commun, 12 3605.   
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Sasaki, S., Steciuk, G., Guillot-Deudon, C., Caldes, M. T., Braems, I., Janod, E., Corraze, B., Jobic, S. & Cario, L. (2021) Solvothermal and mechanochemical intercalation of Cu into La2O2S2 enabled by the redox reactivity of (S2)2− pairs. Dalton Trans. 50 12419–12423.   
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Scarselli, M., Limosani, F., Passacantando, M., D'Orazio, F., Nardone, M., Cacciotti, I., Arduini, F., Gautron, E. & De Crescenzi, M. (2018) Influence of Iron Catalyst in the Carbon Spheres Synthesis for Energy and Electrochemical Applications. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 5 1800070.   
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Schiavo, E., Latouche, C., Barone, V., Crescenzi, O., Munoz-Garcia, A. B. & Pavone, M. (2018) An ab initio study of Cu-based delafossites as an alternative to nickel oxide in photocathodes: effects of Mg-doping and surface electronic features. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 14082–14089.   
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Schnabel, T., Seboui, M., Bauer, A., Choubrac, L., Arzel, L., Harel, S., Barreau, N. & Ahlswede, E. (2017) Evaluation of different buffer materials for solar cells with wide-gap Cu2ZnGeSxSe4-x absorbers. Rsc Advances, 7 40105–40110.   
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Sedelnikova, O., Ewels, C. P., Pinakov, D., Chekhova, G. N., Flahaut, E., Okotrub, A. & Bulusheva, L. G. (2019) Bromine polycondensation in pristine and fluorinated graphitic carbons. Nanoscale, 11 15298–15306.   
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Sedelnikova, O. V., Ewels, C. P., Bulusheva, L. G. & Okotrub, A. V. (2018) Optical Properties of CdS Quantum Dots on Graphene. Journal of Structural Chemistry, 59 870–876.   
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Sejkora, J., Biagioni, C., Vrtiška, L. & Moelo, Y. (2021) Zvestovite-(Zn), Ag-6(Ag4Zn2)As4S13, a new tetrahedrite-group mineral from Zvestov, Czech Republic. Mineralogical Magazine, 85 716–724.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2021-12-10 16:13:29 Pop. 3%
Shafi, M. P., Mohapatra, D., Reddy, P. V., Dhakal, G., Kumar, D. R., Tuma, D., Brousse, T. & Shim, J.-J. (2022) Sr- and Fe-substituted LaMnO3 Perovskite: Fundamental insight and possible use in asymmetric hybrid supercapacitor. Energy Storage Materials, 45 119–129.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2022-04-29 14:53:45 Pop. 5.25%
Shaheen, S. E., Olson, D. C., Dennler, G., Mozer, A. J., Kroon, J. M., Bernede, J. C., Cattin, L., Morsli, M., Kanth, S. R. B., Patil, S. & Stephant, N. (2012) Proceedings of the Spring 2011 E-MRS Meeting, Symposium S: Organic Photovoltaics: Science and Technology Improvement of the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells Using the Terthiophene-Pyran-Malononitrile (T3PM) as Electron Donor, through the use of a MoO3/CuI Anode Buffer Layer. Energy Procedia, 31 81–88.   
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Shanmukaraj, D., Ranque, P., Youcef, H. B., Rojo, T., Poizot, P., Grugeon, S., Laruelle, S. & Guyomard, D. (2020) Towards Efficient Energy Storage Materials: Lithium Intercalation/Organic Electrodes to Polymer Electrolytes - A Road Map (Tribute to Michel Armand). J. Electrochem. Soc. 167 070530.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2020-03-30 12:43:04 Pop. 1%
Shi, W., Theelen, M., Illiberi, A., Barreau, N., van der Sar, S. J., Butterling, M., Schut, H., Egger, W., Dickmann, M., Hugenschmidt, C., Zeman, M., Bruck, E. & Eijt, S. W. H. (2018) Evolution and role of vacancy clusters at grain boundaries of ZnO:Al during accelerated degradation of Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 solar cells revealed by positron annihilation. Physical Review Materials, 2 105403.   
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Shi, W., Theelen, M., Gevaerts, V., Illiberi, A., Barreau, N., Butterling, M., Schut, H., Egger, W., Dickmann, M., Hugenschmidt, C., Zeman, M., Bruck, E. & Eijt, S. W. H. (2018) Positron Annihilation Studies on the Damp Heat Degradation of ZnO:Al Transparent Conductive Oxide Layers for CIGS Solar Cells. IEEE J. Photovolt. 8 1847–1851.   
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Siad, M. B., El Jouad, Z., Khelil, A., Krarroubi, M. A., Morsli, S., Neculqueo, G., Addou, M., Bernede, J. C. & Cattin, L. (2020) Comparison of performances of organic photovoltaic cells using SubPc as central ambipolar layer in ternary structures and as electron acceptor in binary structures. Surface Review and Letters, 27 1950184.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2020-11-18 15:42:38 Pop. 1.5%
Sieuw, L., Jouhara, A., Quarez, E., Auger, C., Gohy, J.-F., Poizot, P. & Vlad, A. (2019) A H-bond stabilized quinone electrode material for Li-organic batteries: the strength of weak bonds. Chemical Science, 10 418–426.   
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Sieuw, L., Lakraychi, A. E., Rambabu, D., Robeyns, K., Jouhara, A., Borodi, G., Morari, C., Poizot, P. & Vlad, A. (2020) Through-Space Charge Modulation Overriding Substituent Effect: Rise of the Redox Potential at 3.35 V in a Lithium-Phenolate Stereoelectronic Isomer. Chem. Mater. 32 9996–10006.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2021-01-26 14:16:56 Pop. 1.75%
Silva-Santos, S. D., Impellizzeri, A., Aguiar, A. L., Journet, C., Dalverny, C., Toury, B., De Sousa, J. M., Ewels, C. P. & San-Miguel, A. (2021) High Pressure in Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Kirigami Nanoribbon Elaboration. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125 11440–11453.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2021-07-08 14:54:39 Pop. 1.75%
Smith, D. C., Spencer, J. H., Sloan, J., McDonnell, L. P., Trewhitt, H., Kashtiban, R. J. & Faulques, E. (2016) Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Extreme Nanowires and Other 1D Systems. J. Vis. Exp. e53434.   
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Šofranko, O., Leriche, R., Morales, A. P., Cren, T., Sasaki, S., Cario, L., Szabo, P., Samuely, P. & Samuely, T. (2020) Periodic Surface Modulation of (LaSe)(1.14)(NbSe2) Observed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. Acta Phys. Pol. A, 137 785–787.   
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Song, Y., Massuyeau, F., Jiang, L., Dan, Y., Le Rendu, P. & Nguyen, T. P. (2019) Effect of graphene size on the photocatalytic activity of TiO2/poly(3hexylthiophene)/graphene composite films. Catal. Today, 321 74–80.   
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Stergiou, A., Liu, Z., Xu, B., Kaneko, T., Ewels, C. P., Suenaga, K., Zhang, M., Yudasaka, M. & Tagmatarchis, N. (2016) Individualized p-Doped Carbon Nanohorns. Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 55 10468–10472.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2016-10-18 09:28:16 Pop. 0.75%
Stergiou, A., Rio, J., Griwatz, J. H., Arcon, D., Wegner, H. A., Ewels, C. P. & Tagmatarchis, N. (2019) A Long-Lived Azafullerenyl Radical Stabilized by Supramolecular Shielding with a [10]Cycloparaphenylene. Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2019-12-20 09:48:47 Pop. 1.25%
Stoliar, P., Tranchant, J., Corraze, B., Janod, E., Besland, M.-P., Tesler, F., Rozenberg, M. & Cario, L. (2017) A Leaky-Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Analog Realized with a Mott Insulator. Adv. Funct. Mater. 27 1604740.   
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Stoliaroff, A., Lecomte, A., Rubel, O., Jobic, S., Zhang, X., Latouche, C. & Rocquefelte, X. (2020) Deciphering the Role of Key Defects in Sb2Se3, a Promising Candidate for Chalcogenide-Based Solar Cells. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 3 2496–2509.   
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Struzzi, C., Scardamaglia, M., Reckinger, N., Sezen, H., Amati, M., Gregoratti, L., Colomer, J. .-F., Ewels, C., Snyders, R. & Bittencourt, C. (2017) Probing plasma fluorinated graphene via spectromicroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 31418–31428.   
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Suzuki, S., Sasaki, S., Sairi, A. S., Iwai, R., Tang, B. Z. & Konishi, G.-I. (2020) Principles of Aggregation-Induced Emission: Design of Deactivation Pathways for Advanced AIEgens and Applications. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59 9856–9867.   
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Syakti, A. D., Jacob, M., Birrien, T., Suhana, M. P., Aziz, M. Y., Salim, A., Doumenq, P. & Louarn, G. (2019) Daily apportionment of stranded plastic debris in the Bintan Coastal area, Indonesia. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 149 UNSP 110609.   
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Talebzadeh, S., Forato, F., Bujoli, B., Trammell, S. A., Grolleau, S., Pal, H., Queffelec, C. & Knight, A. D. (2018) Non- photochemical catalytic hydrolysis of methyl parathion using core- shell Ag@ TiO2 nanoparticles. Rsc Advances, 8 42346–42352.   
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Tancret, F., Toda-Caraballo, I., Menou, E. & Diaz-del-Castillo, P. E. J. R. (2017) Designing high entropy alloys employing thermodynamics and Gaussian process statistical analysis. Mater. Des. 115 486–497.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2017-02-06 15:35:33 Pop. 1.25%
Tancret, F., Galindo-Nava, E. & Diaz-del-Castillo, P. E. J. R. (2016) Dynamic recrystallisation model in precipitation-hardened superalloys as a tool for the joint design of alloys and forming processes. Mater. Des. 103 293–299.   
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Tanuma, Y., Maekawa, T. & Ewels, C. (2021) Methodological Investigation for Hydrogen Addition to Small Cage Carbon Fullerenes. Crystals, 11 1334.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2021-12-23 11:10:47 Pop. 4.25%
Tanuma, Y., Stergiou, A., Bobnar, A. B., Gaboardi, M., Rio, J., Volkmann, J., Wegner, H. A., Tagmatarchis, N., Ewels, C. P. & Arcon, D. (2021) Robust coherent spin centers from stable azafullerene radicals entrapped in cycloparaphenylene rings. Nanoscale, 6624.   
Last edited by: Richard Baschera 2021-12-03 16:16:25 Pop. 6.25%
Tapia-Ruiz, N., Armstrong, R. A., Alptekin, H., Amores, M. A., Au, H., Barker, J., Boston, R., Brant, W. R., Brittain, J. M., Chen, Y., Chhowalla, M., Choi, Y.-S., Costa, S. I. R., Crespo Ribadeneyra, M., Cussen, S. A., Cussen, E. J., David, W. I. F., Desai, A., Dickson, S. A. M., Eweka, E., Forero-Saboya, J. D., Grey, C. P., Griffin, J. M., Gross, P., Hua, X., Irvine, J. T. S., Johansson, P., Jones, M. O., Karlsmo, M., Kendrick, E., Kim, E., Kolosov, O., Li, Z., Mertens, S. F. L., Mogensen, R., Monconduit, L., Morris, R. E., Naylor, A. J., Nikman, S., O'Keefe, C. A., Ould, D. M. C., Palgrave, R. G., Poizot, P., Ponrouch, A., Renault, S., Reynolds, E. M., Rudola, A., Sayers, R., Scanlon, D. O., Sen, S., Seymour, V. R., Silvan, B., Sougrati, M. T., Stievano, L., Stone, G. S., Thomas, C., Titirici, M.-M., Tong, J., Wood, T. J., Wright, D. S. & Younesi, R. (2021) 2021 roadmap for sodium-ion batteries. J. Phys-Energy, 3 031503.   
Added by: Richard Baschera 2021-09-27 08:31:53 Pop. 2%
Tesler, F., Adda, C., Tranchant, J., Corraze, B., Janod, E., Cario, L., Stoliar, P. & Rozenberg, M. (2018) Relaxation of a Spiking Mott Artificial Neuron. Phys. Rev. Appl. 10 054001.   
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Thanh, C. T., Binh, N. H., Tu, N. V., Thu, V. T., Bayle, M., Paillet, M., Sauvajol, J. L., Thang, P. B., Lam, T. D., Minh, P. N. & Chuc, N. V. (2018) An interdigitated ISFET-type sensor based on LPCVD grown graphene for ultrasensitive detection of carbaryl. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 260 78–85.   
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