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Abachi, T., Cattin, L., Louarn, G., Lare, Y., Bou, A., Makha, M., Torchio, P., Fleury, M., Morsli, M., Addou, M. & Bernede, J. C. (2013) Highly flexible, conductive and transparent MoO3/Ag/MoO3 multilayer electrode for organic photovoltaic cells. Thin Solid Films, 545 438–444.   
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Benito, Q., Balogh, C. M., El Moll, H., Gacoin, T., Cordier, M., Rakhmatullin, A., Latouche, C., Martineau-Corcos, C. & Perruchas, S. (2018) Luminescence Vapochromism of a Dynamic Copper Iodide Mesocate. Chemistry A European Journal, 24 18868–18872.   
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Bonnet, P., Albertini, D., Bizot, H., Bernard, A. & Chauvet, O. (2007) Amylose/SWNT composites: From solution to film - Synthesis, characterization and properties. Compos. Sci. Technol. 67 817–821.   
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Buvat, G., Quarez, E. & Joubert, O. (2016) Innovative solid oxide fuel cells based on BaIn0.3Ti0.7O2.85 electrolyte and La2Mo2O9 amorphous reduced phase as anode material. J. Power Sources, 302 107–113.   
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Buvat, G., Sellemi, H., Ravella, U. K., Barre, M., Coste, S., Corbel, G. & Lacorre, P. (2016) Reduction Kinetics of La2Mo2O9 and Phase Evolution during Reduction and Reoxidation. Inorg. Chem. 55 2522–2533.   
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Chaber, F. F. D., Tancret, F., Christien, F., Le Gall, R. & Castagne, J.-F. (2007) Finite element simulation of interfacial segregation in dilute alloys. J. Mater. Sci. 42 9765–9774.   
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D'Orlando, A., Mevellec, J.-Y., Louarn, G. & Humbert, B. (2020) Atomic Force Microscopy Nanomanipulation by Confocal Raman Multiwavelength Spectroscopy: Application at the Monitoring of Resonance Profile Excitation Changes of Manipulated Carbon Nanotube. J. Phys. Chem. C, 124 2705–2711.   
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Devic, T., Wagner, V., Guillou, N., Vimont, A., Haouas, M., Pascolini, M., Serre, C., Marrot, J., Daturi, M., Taulelle, F. & Ferey, G. (2011) Synthesis and characterization of a series of porous lanthanide tricarboxylates. MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 140 25–33.   
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Dubarry, M., Gaubicher, J., Guyomard, D., Dupre, N. & Grey, C. (2009) Ultrafast synthesis of Li1+alpha V3O8 gel precursors for lithium battery applications. Solid State Ion. 180 1511–1516.   
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Dupre, N., Oliveri, J., Degryse, J., Martin, J.-F. & Guyomard, D. (2008) Characterization of the surface of positive electrodes for Li-ion batteries using (7)Li MAS NMR. Ionics, 14 203–207.   
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Edon, V., Li, Z., Hugon, M. .-C., Krug, C., Bastos, K. P., Miotti, L., Baumvol, I. J. R., Cardinaud, C., Durand, O. & Eypert, C. (2008) Electrical properties and interfacial characteristics of RuO2/HfAlOx/SiON/Si and RuO2/LaAlO3/SiON/Si capacitors. J. Electrochem. Soc. 155 H661–H668.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:58:43 Pop. 0.25%
Fateeva, A., Clarisse, J., Pilet, G., Greneche, J.-M., Nouar, F., Abeykoon, B. K., Guegan, F., Goutaudier, C., Luneau, D., Warren, J. E., Rosseinsky, M. J. & Devic, T. (2015) Iron and Porphyrin Metal-Organic Frameworks: Insight into Structural Diversity, Stability, and Porosity. CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN, 15 1819–1826.   
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Fernandez, V., Fairley, N. & Baltrusaitis, J. (2021) Unraveling spectral shapes of adventitious carbon on gold using a time-resolved high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and principal component analysis. Applied Surface Science, 538 148031.   
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Fritsch, E., Delaunay, A. & Leblan, S. (2018) Faceted Blue Dumortierite from Madagascar. Journal of Gemmology, 36 94–95.   
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Galliez, K., Deniard, P., Lambertin, D., Jobic, S. & Bart, F. (2013) Influence of MnO2 polymorphism form on MnO2/Ag2O hydrogen getter. J. Nucl. Mater. 438 261–267.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:23:30 Pop. 0.25%
Godet, L., Fang, Z., Radovanov, S., Walther, S., Arevalo, E., Lallement, F., Scheuer, J. T., Miller, T., Lenoble, D., Cartry, G. & Cardinaud, C. (2006) Plasma doping implant depth profile calculation based on ion energy distribution measurements. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 24 2391–2397.   
Added by: Florent Boucher 2016-05-12 13:21:36 Pop. 0.25%
Han, J.-F., Liao, C., Jiang, T., Xie, H.-M. & Zhao, K. (2014) Investigation of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 polycrystalline growth: Ga diffusion and surface morphology evolution. Mater. Res. Bull. 49 187–192.   
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Keraudy, J., Boyd, R. D., Shimizu, T., Helmersson, U. & Jouan, P. .-Y. (2018) Phase separation within NiSiN coatings during reactive HiPIMS discharges: A new pathway to grow NixSi nanocrystals composites at low temperature. Applied Surface Science, 454 148–156.   
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Lannelongue, P., Le Vot, S., Fontaine, O., Sougrati, M.-T., Crosnier, O., Brousse, T. & Favier, F. (2018) Investigation of Ba0.5Sr0.5CoxFe1-xO3-delta as a pseudocapacitive electrode material with high volumetric capacitance. Electrochimica Acta, 271 677–684.   
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Latouche, C., Baiardi, A. & Barone, V. (2015) Virtual Eyes Designed for Quantitative Spectroscopy of Inorganic Complexes: Vibronic Signatures in the Phosphorescence Spectra of Terpyridine Derivatives. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119 7253–7257.   
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Lebegue, E., Madec, L., Brousse, T., Gaubicher, J., Levillain, E. & Cougnon, C. (2011) Modification of activated carbons based on diazonium ions in situ produced from aminobenzene organic acid without addition of other acid. J. Mater. Chem. 21 12221–12223.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:32:21 Pop. 0.25%
Lefrant, S., Buisson, J.-P., Mevellec, J.-Y., Baltog, I. & Baibarac, M. (2008) Single-beam pumped coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering on carbon nanotubes. Phys. Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Phys. 245 2221–2224.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:58:41 Pop. 0.25%
Li, D., Gautier, N., Dey, B., Bulou, S., Richard-Plouet, M., Ravisy, W., Goullet, A., Choquet, P. & Granier, A. (2019) TEM analysis of photocatalytic TiO2 thin films deposited on polymer substrates by low-temperature ICP-PECVD. Applied Surface Science, 491 116–122.   
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Maras, E., Berthier, F., Braems, I. & Legrand, B. (2012) Segregation in bimetallic nanowires: Size and thermodynamic ensemble effects. Phys. Rev. B, 86 054205.   
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Marino, C., Fullenwarth, J., Monconduit, L. & Lestriez, B. (2012) Diagnostic of the failure mechanism in NiSb2 electrode for Li battery through analysis of its polarization on galvanostatic cycling. Electrochim. Acta, 78 177–182.   
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Martinez, F., Neculqueo, G., Bernede, J. C., Cattin, L. & Makha, M. (2015) Influence of the presence of Ca in the cathode buffer layer on the performance and stability of organic photovoltaic cells using a branched sexithienylenevinylene oligomer as electron donor. Phys. Status Solidi A-Appl. Mat. 212 1767–1773.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 18:36:41 Pop. 0.25%
Massuyeau, F., Faulques, E., Lefrant, S., Majdoub, M., Ghedira, M., Alimi, K. & Wery, J. (2011) Photoluminescence properties of new PPV derivatives. J. Lumines. 131 1541–1544.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:32:20 Pop. 0.25%
Pean, E. V., Barreau, N., Vidal, J., Latouche, C. & Jobic, S. (2017) Theoretical investigation of CdIn2S4: A possible substitute for CdS in CuIn1-xGaxSe2-based photovoltaic devices. Physical Review Materials, 1 064605.   
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Radji, S., Alem, H., Demoustier-Champagne, S., Jonas, A. M. & Cuenot, S. (2010) Variation of Elastic Properties of Responsive Polymer Nanotubes. J. Phys. Chem. B, 114 4939–4944.   
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Rahmane, S., Aida, M. S., Djouadi, M. A. & Barreau, N. (2015) Effects of thickness variation on properties of ZnO:Al thin films grown by RF magnetron sputtering deposition. Superlattices Microstruct. 79 148–155.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 18:36:42 Pop. 0.25%
Rousseau, G., Fattahi, M., Grambow, B., Boucher, F. & Ouvrard, G. (2006) Coprecipitation of thorium and lanthanum with UO2+x(s) as host phase. Radiochim. Acta, 94 517–522.   
Added by: Florent Boucher 2016-05-12 13:21:38 Pop. 0.25%
Salles, F., Jobic, H., Devic, T., Llewellyn, P. L., Serre, C., Ferey, G. & Maurin, G. (2010) Self and Transport Diffusivity of CO2 in the Metal-Organic Framework MIL-47(V) Explored by Quasi-elastic Neutron Scattering Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulations. ACS NANO, 4 143–152.   
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Scragg, J. J. S., Choubrac, L., Lafond, A., Ericson, T. & Platzer-Bjorkman, C. (2014) A low-temperature order-disorder transition in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films. Appl. Phys. Lett. 104 041911.   
Added by: Florent Boucher 2016-04-29 09:26:45 Pop. 0.25%
Spencer, J. H., Nesbitt, J. M., Trewhitt, H., Kashtiban, R. J., Bell, G., Ivanov, V. G., Faulques, E., Sloan, J. & Smith, D. C. (2014) Raman Spectroscopy of Optical Transitions and Vibrational Energies of similar to 1 nm HgTe Extreme Nanowires within Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes. ACS Nano, 8 9044–9052.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:01:55 Pop. 0.25%
Theelen, M., Steijvers, H., Bakker, K., Vink, J., Mortazavi, S., Mulder, A., Barreau, N., Roosen, D. & Haverkamp, E. (2016) The Exposure of CIGS Solar Cells to Different Electrical Biases in a Damp-heat Illumination Environment. 2016 Ieee 43rd Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (pvsc).   
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V. Damasceno, J. P., Hof, F., Chauvet, O., Zarbin, A. J. G. & Pénicaud, A. (2021) The role of functionalization on the colloidal stability of aqueous fullerene C-60 dispersions prepared with fullerides. Carbon, 173 1041–1047.   
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Zhang, W., Bonnet, P., Dubois, M., Ewels, C. P., Guerin, K., Petit, E., Mevellec, J.-Y., Vidal, L., Ivanov, D. A. & Hamwi, A. (2012) Comparative Study of SWCNT Fluorination by Atomic and Molecular Fluorine. Chem. Mat. 24 1744–1751.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:28:39 Pop. 0.25%
Zhang, Z., Ma, C., Gautier, R., Molokeev, M. S., Liu, Q. & Xia, Z. (2018) Structural Confinement toward Giant Enhancement of Red Emission in Mn2+-Based Phosphors. Advanced Functional Materials, 28 1804150.   
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Zhu, L., Lem, L. L. C., Nguyen, T.-P., Fair, K., Ali, S., Ford, M. J., Phillips, M. R. & Ton-That, C. (2017) Indirect excitons in hydrogen-doped ZnO. J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys. 50 115104.   
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Zou, J., Jiang, L., Nguyen, T. P. & Dan, Y. (2010) Studies on UV-stability of poly(MMA-co-M12-co-BPMA)/TiO2 composite particles prepared by ultrasonically initiated emulsion polymerization. Polym. Adv. Technol. 21 598–605.   
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