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de Almeida Maribondo Galvao, N. K., de Vasconcelos, G., Ribeiro dos Santos, M. V., Bastos Campos, T. M., Pessoa, R. S., Guerino, M., Djouadi, M. A. & Maciel, H. S. (2016) Growth and Characterization of Graphene on Polycrystalline SiC Substrate Using Heating by CO2 Laser Beam. Mater. Res.-Ibero-am. J. Mater. 19 1329–1334.   
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Asamoah, R. B., Nyankson, E., Annan, E., Agyei-Tuffour, B., Efavi, J. K., Kan-Dapaah, K., Apalangya, V. A., Damoah, L. N. W., Dodoo-Arhin, D., Tiburu, E. K., Kwofie, S. K., Onwona-Agyeman, B. & Yaya, A. (2018) Industrial Applications of Clay Materials from Ghana. Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 34 1719–1734.   
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Ballabio, M., Marrón, D. F., Barreau, N., Bonn, M. & Cánovas, E. (2020) Composition-Dependent Passivation Efficiency at the CdS/CuIn1-xGaxSe2 Interface. Advanced Materials, 32 1907763.   
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Barone, V., Bellina, F., Biczysko, M., Bloino, J., Fornaro, T., Latouche, C., Lessi, M., Marianetti, G., Minei, P., Panattoni, A. & Pucci, A. (2015) Toward the design of alkynylimidazole fluorophores: computational and experimental characterization of spectroscopic features in solution and in poly(methyl methacrylate). Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17 26710–26723.   
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Bouvree, A., D'Orlando, A., Makiabadi, T., Martin, S., Louarn, G., Mevellec, J. Y. & Humbert, B. (2013) Nanostructured and nanopatterned gold surfaces: application to the surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Gold Bull. 46 283–290.   
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Buchtova, N., Rethore, G., Boyer, C., Guicheux, J., Rambaud, F., Valle, K., Belleville, P., Sanchez, C., Chauvet, O., Weiss, P. & Le Bideau, J. (2013) Nanocomposite hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering: mesoporous silica nanofibers interlinked with siloxane derived polysaccharide. J. Mater. Sci.-Mater. Med. 24 1875–1884.   
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Cattin, L., Bernede, J. C., Lare, Y., Dabos-Seignon, S., Stephant, N., Morsli, M., Zamora, P. P., Diaz, F. R. & del Valle, M. A. (2013) Improved performance of organic solar cells by growth optimization of MoO3/CuI double-anode buffer. Phys. Status Solidi A-Appl. Mat. 210 802–808.   
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Clabau, F., Rocquefelte, X., Jobic, S., Deniard, P., Whangbo, M.-H., Garcia, A. & Le Mercier, T. (2007) On the phosphorescence mechanism in SrAl2O4 : Eu2+ and its codoped derivatives. Solid State Sci. 9 608–612.   
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Clavier, B., Baptiste, T., Massuyeau, F., Jouanneaux, A., Guiet, A., Boucher, F., Fernandez, V., Rogues, C. & Corbel, G. (2020) Enhanced bactericidal activity of brucite through partial copper substitution. J. Mat. Chem. B, 8 100–113.   
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Das, G., Razakamanantsoa, A., Herrier, G., Saussaye, L., Lesueur, D. & Deneele, D. (2021) Evaluation of the long-term effect of lime treatment on a silty soil embankment after seven years of atmospheric exposure: Mechanical, physicochemical, and microstructural studies. Engineering Geology, 281 105986.   
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Desigaux, L., Ben Belkacem, M., Richard, P., Cellier, J., Leone, P., Cario, L., Leroux, F., Taviot-Gueho, C. & Pitard, B. (2006) Self-assembly and characterization of layered double hydroxide/DNA hybrids. Nano Lett. 6 199–204.   
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Dowuona, A. N. N., Yaya, A., Nyankson, E., Efavi, J. K., Damoah, L. N. W., Dodoo-Arhin, D., Apalangya, V., Annan, E., Tiburu, E. K., Onwona-Agyeman, B. & Tomiczek, B. (2018) Investigating triaxial electrical properties of ceramic composites for electroporcelain insulators. Journal of Ceramic Processing Research, 19 95–100.   
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Dupre, N., Martina, J.-F., Guyomard, D., Yamada, A. & Kanno, R. (2009) Characterization of interphases appearing on LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 using Li-7 MAS NMR. J. Power Sources, 189 557–560.   
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Eon, D., Raballand, V., Cartry, G., Cardinaud, C., Vourdas, N., Argitis, P. & Gogolides, E. (2006) Plasma oxidation of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane polymers. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 24 2678–2688.   
Added by: Florent Boucher 2016-05-12 13:21:36 Pop. 0.5%
Fairley, N., Fernandez, V., Richard‐Plouet, M., Guillot-Deudon, C., Walton, J., Smith, E., Flahaut, D., Greiner, M., Biesinger, M., Tougaard, S., Morgan, D. & Baltrusaitis, J. (2021) Systematic and collaborative approach to problem solving using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Applied Surface Science Advances, 5 100112.   
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Faucon, A., Maldiney, T., Clement, O., Hulin, P., Nedellec, S., Robard, M., Gautier, N., De Meulenaere, E., Clays, K., Orlando, T., Lascialfari, A., Fiorini-Debuisschert, C., Fresnais, J. & Ishow, E. (2014) Highly cohesive dual nanoassemblies for complementary multiscale bioimaging. J. Mat. Chem. B, 2 7747–7755.   
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Fongy, C., Jouanneau, S., Guyomard, D. & Lestriez, B. (2011) Carbon nanofibers improve both the electronic and ionic contributions of the electrochemical performance of composite electrodes. J. Power Sources, 196 8494–8499.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:32:19 Pop. 0.5%
Gaillot, A.-C., Drits, V. A., Veblen, D. R. & Lanson, B. (2011) Polytype and polymorph identification of finely divided aluminous dioctahedral mica individual crystals with SAED. Kinematical and dynamical electron diffraction. Phys. Chem. Miner. 38 435–448.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:32:20 Pop. 0.75%
Huang, C.-H., Huang, C.-H., Nguyen, T.-P. & Hsu, C.-S. (2007) Self-assembly monolayer of anatase titanium oxide from solution process on indium tin oxide glass substrate for polymer photovoltaic cells. Thin Solid Films, 515 6493–6496.   
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Kamarchuk, G., Pospelov, A. P., Savytskyi, A., Herus, A. O., Doronin, Y. S., Vakula, V. L. & Faulques, E. (2019) Conductance quantization as a new selective sensing mechanism in dendritic point contacts. Sn Applied Sciences, 1 244.   
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Keraudy, J., Delfour-Peyrethon, B., Ferrec, A., Molleja, J. G., Richard-Plouet, M., Payen, C., Hamon, J., Corraze, B., Goullet, A. & Jouan, P.-Y. (2017) Process- and optoelectronic-control of NiOx thin films deposited by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering. Journal of Applied Physics, 121 171916.   
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Kinyanjui, M. K., Benner, G., Pavia, G., Boucher, F., Habermeier, H. .-U., Keimer, B. & Kaiser, U. (2015) Spatially and momentum resolved energy electron loss spectra from an ultra-thin PrNiO3 layer. Appl. Phys. Lett. 106 203102.   
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Lee, C. W., Chou, C. H., Huang, J. H., Hsu, C. S. & Nguyen, T. P. (2008) Investigations of organic light emitting diodes with CdSe(ZnS) quantum dots. Mater. Sci. Eng. B-Solid State Mater. Adv. Technol. 147 307–311.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:58:42 Pop. 0.25%
Mabrouk, A., Alimi, K., Molinie, P. & Nguyen, T. P. (2006) A combined experimental and theoretical study on the effect of doping and interface formation on Ppv-ether copolymer. J. Phys. Chem. B, 110 1141–1150.   
Added by: Florent Boucher 2016-05-12 13:21:38 Pop. 0.5%
Maubec, N., Deneele, D. & Ouvrard, G. (2017) Influence of the clay type on the strength evolution of lime treated material. Appl. Clay Sci. 137 107–114.   
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Mohamad, R. & Ruterana, P. (2021) Indium segregation mechanism and V-defect formation at the [0001] InAlN surface: an ab-initio investigation. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54 015305.   
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Morizet, Y., Paris, M., Gaillard, F. & Scaillet, B. (2014) Carbon dioxide in silica-undersaturated melt. Part I: The effect of mixed alkalis (K and Na) on CO2 solubility and speciation. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 141 45–61.   
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Quilliam, J. A., Bert, F., Kermarrec, E., Payen, C., Guillot-Deudon, C., Bonville, P., Baines, C., Luetkens, H. & Mendels, P. (2012) Singlet Ground State of the Quantum Antiferromagnet Ba3CuSb2O9. Phys. Rev. Lett. 109 117203.   
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Shaheen, S. E., Olson, D. C., Dennler, G., Mozer, A. J., Kroon, J. M., Bernede, J. C., Cattin, L., Morsli, M., Kanth, S. R. B., Patil, S. & Stephant, N. (2012) Proceedings of the Spring 2011 E-MRS Meeting, Symposium S: Organic Photovoltaics: Science and Technology Improvement of the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells Using the Terthiophene-Pyran-Malononitrile (T3PM) as Electron Donor, through the use of a MoO3/CuI Anode Buffer Layer. Energy Procedia, 31 81–88.   
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Stephant, N., Rondeau, B., Gauthier, J.-P., Cody, J. A. & Fritsch, E. (2014) Investigation of Hidden Periodic Structures on SEM Images of Opal-Like Materials Using FFT and IFFT. Scanning, 36 487–499.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:01:55 Pop. 0.5%
Stephant, N., Grissa, R., Guillou, F., Bretaudeau, M., Borjon-Piron, Y., Guillet, J. & Moreau, P. (2018) New airtight transfer box for SEM experiments: Application to lithium and sodium metals observation and analyses. Micron, 110 10–17.   
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Tessier, P. Y. (2008) Current developments in ionised physical vapour deposition by magnetron sputtering - state of the art - prospects for the future in terms of applications. Surf. Eng. 24 319–321.   
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Thommy, L., Joubert, O., Hamon, J. & Caldes, M.-T. (2016) Impregnation versus exsolution: Using metal catalysts to improve electrocatalytic properties of LSCM-based anodes operating at 600 degrees C. Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, 41 14207–14216.   
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Tuo, S., Cattin, L., Essaidi, H., Peres, L., Louarn, G., El Jouad, Z., Hssein, M., Touihri, S., Abbe, Y. S., Torchio, P., Addou, M. & Bernede, J. C. (2017) Stabilisation of the electrical and optical properties of dielectric/Cu/dielectric structures through the use of efficient dielectric and Cu:Ni alloy. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 729 109–116.   
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Van Lier, G., Ewels, C. P., Cases-Amat, M., Suarez-Martinez, I. & Geerlings, P. (2009) Comparison Between Early Stage Oxygenation Behavior of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 9 6113–6119.   
Added by: Laurent Cournède 2016-03-10 21:41:23 Pop. 0.75%
Vazart, F. & Latouche, C. (2015) Validation of a computational protocol to simulate near IR phosphorescence spectra for Ru(II) and Ir(III) metal complexes. Theor. Chem. Acc. 134 144.   
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Wang, R., Boutin, E., Barreau, N., Odobel, F., Bonin, J. & Robert, M. (2021) Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Methanol with a Molecular Cobalt-Catalyst-Loaded Porous Carbon Electrode Assisted by a CIGS Photovoltaic Cell**. Chemphotochem, n/a.   
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Wang, Z., Dupre, N., Lajaunie, L., Moreau, P., Martin, J.-F., Boutafa, L., Patoux, S. & Guyomard, D. (2012) Effect of glutaric anhydride additive on the LiNi0.4Mn1.6O4 electrode/electrolyte interface evolution: A MAS NMR and TEM/EELS study. J. Power Sources, 215 170–178.   
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Yang, Q., Guillerm, V., Ragon, F., Wiersum, A. D., Llewellyn, P. L., Zhong, C., Devic, T., Serre, C. & Maurin, G. (2012) CH4 storage and CO2 capture in highly porous zirconium oxide based metal-organic frameworks. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 48 9831–9833.   
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Yapi, A. S., Toumi, L., Lare, Y., Soto, G. M., Cattin, L., Toubal, K., Djafri, A., Morsli, M., Khelil, A., Del Valle, M. A. & Bernede, J. .-C. (2010) On the influence of the exciton-blocking layer on the organic multilayer cells properties. Eur. Phys. J.-Appl. Phys, 50 30403.   
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